Primark Stock New Pokemon Storage Baskets

It goes without saying, Primark are well known for their popular ranges and one of the newest to be put out on the shelves is the Pokemon collection, which includes this New Pokemon Storage Box. Brilliant way to ensure all your bits and bobs are kept together in one place, creating a neat and tidy look to either your children’s playroom, bedroom or even in an office environment.

New Pokemon Storage Basket

When found in-store, yesterday, there was plenty for shoppers to add to their basket, but of course it does depend on location and the amount of stock available at that moment in time. For those of you wondering about the price, they’re £4.50 each.

This isn’t the only thing that can be found as part of the Pokemon range, there’s also Water Bottles, Starter Lunch Boxes, Lunch Bag, Kids Clothing and more. It’s definitely worth popping into store to see what other products are available for you too.

If you’re someone who keeps an eye on new products that arrive at Primark, you may have seen something very similar to this within the last few months, that being the Stitch Storage Baskets. They have the exact same design, but come in blue with Stitch being the main feature on the front of the basket.

We’re no doubt going to see other items with lots of interest as the year progresses, however you can find other Primark finds we’ve recently written about, such as the Stitch and Pokemon £2 Cushions and also, the recurring wedding range has made an appearance again with this time adding Team Bride Jumpers.