NEW Cadbury CARAMILK Crunchie Bites landed at B&M

B&M have added yet even more to their sweet section and have introduced these New Cadbury Caramilk Crunchy Bites. Stocks started rolling out to stores nationwide and, as predicted, are proving to be a hot ticket with lots of chocolate lovers heading to their local B&M to see if they’re able to grab a bag for themselves.

New Cadbury Caramilk Bites B&M

Delightful bite-size pieces with the smoothness and creaminess of the caramel flavoured white chocolate as well as there also being an additional crunch from the iconic Crunchie honeycomb toffee pieces for extra texture. Each bag contains 14 bite-sized pieces to tuck into to satisfy your sweet tooth.

They have been talk of the town for most of the week and a few have managed to already come across them in store, one of them being Dansway Gifts and Bargains UK. They’ve given their followers on Facebook an even closer look in person after opening the packaging and splitting a few in half. Since sharing they’ve gain more than 1.4K comments with some saying “Need them now”, “We have to try these” and B&M trip needed asap”.

Although they are a priority on lots of peoples shopping lists, they’re priced a little higher than usual due to them being imported from Australia, which means you’ll be paying £2.99 a bag at the checkout. It’s caused a lot of discussion, but can imagine the taste and satisfaction with justify.

We’ll be sure to keep your updated as time goes with other products B&M add to their shelves, but for now you can see other popular posts including ALDI bringing back their Doggy Ice Cream for summer 2024 and also Farmfoods stocking Boxes of Peppa Pig Cereal for those with a little fan to enjoy in the mornings.