ALDI add Bluey range to their SpecialBuys and include popular Plush Chairs

Bluey has become an extremely popular TV series within the UK, especially over the past year, and you may have noticed lots of products making their way to shelves across lots of retailers, however today was a special day for those with a little fan! ALDI went and added a complete range to their weekly SpecialBuys, but there were two items in particular that caught the eye of many shoppers, them being the Bluey and Bingo designed plush chairs, which were £24.99 each.

Bluey Plush Chairs ALDI

These were one of the most spoken about on the lead up to the big day, thanks to ALDI launching their leaflet last week giving many people the heads up that these certain products where heading to store. They look absolutely brilliant in person and that’s why stock had sold extremely fast with many queuing before doors opened at 8am to ensure they managed to add one to their basket.

Bluey Range ALDI

With that said, there was lots of other Bluey themed toys to choose from. It was a really impressive collection as it saw Plush Toys, Wooden Ice Cream Stand, Table Top Easel, Adventure Belt and even a My First Tri-Scooter. Depending on location, you may still find certain products in stock so it’s always worth checking if you did miss out.

It’s ok if there wasn’t anything available, as you’ll be glad to know stores, such as ASDA George, Primark, The Works, Matalan and other big names have all kinds of different clothing, toys and homeware that include the Bluey theme.

Be sure to check out other characters we’ve seen so far in 2024 with a Spidey & Friends Kids Dining Range popping up at Tesco, this was really popular due to each item costing just £1, and also B&M surprising many by stocking their shelves with the New Disney Stitch LEGO Set, which was very much anticipated by many fans.