Primark Selling Stitch and Pikachu Cushions for Only £2

As well as popular collections and affordable homeware Primark are also known for their bargains and can sometimes provide crazy price drops. In this case, these Stitch and Pikachu Cushions have been found reduced from £9 down to only £2 per one. They’re offers well and truly too good to be missed.

Stitch Pokemon Cushions Primark

They’re both well loved characters and due to them being reduced to clearance, we expect them to fly off of the shelves as they are both extremely loved characters by those who can’t get enough of Disney and Pokemon. These images were taken in the Westwood Cross store, Thanet, so although it’s not promised to be in every location, it’s definitely worth checking your local store.

As you can see from below, at the current time of being found, there was a really good amount of stock.

Reduced Cushions Primark

Be sure to keep an eye out for other clearance items and price drops in other areas, especially in their clothing section. With that being said, other products are showing to be in high demand with new arrivals appearing in the past couple of weeks. Some of the items that have stood out are the Easter Gonk Ornaments, for those wanting to add a Spring feel to their home, and also Team Bride Jumpers, which are perfect for wearing on the lead up to the special day.