Primark Introduce Easter Gonk Ornaments for 2024

With just over a month to go before Spring starts in 2024 lots of retailers are adding cute Easter ornaments for those to enjoy having on display, Primark being one of them. They’ve introduced more options to their home section including Easter themed Gonk items. Perfect for those who love collecting different types depending on the occasion, as previously we’ve seen Gonk decorations for both Halloween and Christmas.

Easter Gonk Ornaments

Above, you’re able to see the Extendable Gonks, which has to be one of the most loved products out of the entire range so far. They look really cute in person due to featuring a lovely blue and pink outfit with bunny ears whilst holding an Easter egg. In case you was wondering, they’re £12 each.

Other Gonk Ornaments Primark

These are the other Gonk ornaments that can be found as part of the collection. They also keep the same theme, but are much smaller in size so fans can sit them elsewhere around their living space. We expect to see more products being added in the upcoming weeks leading up to Easter Sunday, so make sure to keep an eye out when in your local Primark. All of these, shown, were found in the Westwood Cross store.

In the meantime you can also browse some of the other news posts about the hottest items/collections that have been added to Primark so far this year, including the Shrek Onesie and Shrek Pyjamas for Adults and also a brilliant range of Kids Character Swim Shorts for those preparing for summer or their upcoming holiday.