Flying Tiger impress strawberry fans with their huge range

As we approach the warmer weather you may have noticed lots of fruit themed clothing and homeware when browsing in stores. One of the most popular has to be Strawberry as it can be found on lots of different items, mainly when it comes to clothing and homeware. Flying Tiger have definitely impressed fans by adding a huge range for them to see and add to their baskets whilst shopping in store.

Strawberry Range Flying Tiger

When found in the Southampton Store, West Quays Shopping Centre, there were lots of different options for those wanting to add more to their home, or even to enjoy when heading out for picnics. As you can see from the image above, it included bowls, mason jars, trays, measuring jugs, cushions, fairy lights, balloons and so much more.

Flying Tiger have many shops located around the UK, however you’ll be glad to know there’s many other places to find Strawberry themed items. For instance you’re likely find products in popular retailers, such as Primark, Matalan, Dunelm and ASDA George. These are just some we can think of.

It’s a lovely range that’ll bring joy and happiness now the weather’s becoming a lot warmer.

If you’re someone who loves all kinds of different themed collections, whether it’s fruit, animals or even characters from popular TV shows, we’ll be sure to keep you updated with all of the latest and trending products. Although, in recently months we’ve seen Tesco add Giraffe themed Vases and Planters and also a fantastic range of Highland Cow products at NEXT, which is really impressive!