Popular Doggy Ice Cream from ALDI makes a return for summer 2024

After the success last year and by popular demand, those with a furry friend will be delighted ALDI have made the decision to bring back their Doggy Ice Cream. There couldn’t be a better time with most of the UK experiencing the first set of hot weather so far this year! Pet owners will be able to find it within their local store amongst the selection of ice creams in the freezer section.

Doggy Ice Cream ALDI

Includes 4 Tubs for your pet to enjoy cooling down with whilst enjoying the sun and includes two different types of flavours, those being Carrot & Apple and Pea. They’re 100% plant-based ice creams, which have been made with really fruit and vegetables, so provides them with a delicious healthy snack. If you’re wondering they’re £2.99 per pack.

With so much hype around them and even more warmer weather on the horizon we can’t imagine stock lasting very long, so you’ll want to get into store sooner rather than later!

ALDI are also known for their pet events, which seem to pop up frequently throughout the year. It’s sometimes the best time to stock up on essentials whether you’re looking for new toys, blankets for the colder months or even ways to protect your car from muddy or wet paws after a long walk with mats.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated as time goes on, but for now if you’re someone who loves animals in general, we’ve seen other retailers showcasing different ranges of homeware with NEXT having a huge Highland Cow Home Range and also Tesco recently stocking their shelves with new stock and providing those who love Giraffes with Giraffe Artificial Planters and Vases, which look pretty impressive in person.