Home Bargains Selling Disney Encanto Dolls for Only £2.99

In the past we’ve seen plenty of Disney products in Home Bargains and the range, which can include lots of different characters, provides to be loved by all ages due to a variation of toys, clothing and homeware. They’ve just recently started selling Disney Encanto Dolls and they’re each priced at only £2.99! Bargain prices not to be missed by those with a little fan of the well known film.

Disney Encanto Dolls

These were spotted within the Margate store in Thanet and although stock will depend on location, there was Mirabel Madrigal, Isabela Madrigal and Dolores characters to choose from. It’s always worth checking your local Home Bargains to see if they’re available for you as well, perfect for those looking for birthday gifts or even start putting aside for Christmas as stocking fillers.

Over the past few months we’ve seen other Disney items proving to be hot, one of them being the Stitch Travel Mugs, cute way to enjoy a warm drink whilst on the move, plus there has also been a Thumper Homeware Range.

It’s always good to keep checking as they provide new stock on a regular basis and can sometimes be a priced that’s too good not to miss out on.

Other character themed products from different retailers have also made a big impact, such as a new Bluey Pinafore Dress Outfit at ASDA and Tesco adding a super cute Peter Rabbit Baby Rain Mac for those to put on their little one to keep them dry during the upcoming unpredictable spring and summer weather. These are just some news articles, make sure to keep an eye out for future posts.