Tesco Introduce Spidey & Friends £1 Plates, Bowls and Tumblers

Spidey & His Amazing Friends has to be one of the most loved TV series within the past few years for those with a young child. If you haven’t noticed yet, whenever there’s Spidey themed homeware, clothing or toys they always prove to be in demand and that’s why this new £1 Plates, Bowls and Tumblers range is proving to be popular since being introduced to Tesco.

Spidey & Friends £1 Range

Each item includes a fun design that’s sure to bring excitement when it comes to mealtimes. In the past we have seen other characters in the same style, but when spotted in the Tesco Extra store in Thanet, there was also Peter Rabbit, Peppa Pig and Disney Princess, they were all new in too.

Due to only being £1 per product it’s great value and that’s why over 500 comments have been made on the post that Money Saver By Dansway provided their followers with when spotted them in person.

Tesco are also know for their homeware, as we’ve seen Stitch, Bambi, Alice in Wonderland and other Disney themes, plus Giraffe and Dinosaurs for those who love animals.

Since starting a new year, Tesco have been added yet even more to their stores including the Cadbury Chocolate Orange Mini Eggs, which many are going crazy for to enjoy having over Easter and recently a Peter Rabbit Baby Rain Mac has made it’s way to the F&F section of the store for those with a little one.