Tesco launch new Cadbury Chocolate Orange Mini Eggs

If you love everything chocolate orange and have been enjoying the treats available in ASDA, Tesco, M&S and other supermarkets, then you’ll be happy to hear about something else new in. We spotted these Cadbury Chocolate Orange Mini Eggs that have just launched in Tesco and they look amazing.

Cadbury Chocolate Orange Mini Eggs at Tesco

Mini Eggs are always popular around Easter and in 2024, we have these new Cadbury Chocolate Orange Mini Eggs to enjoy. The new flavour launched with a positive response from shoppers, especially those who want to try new chocolate eggs early before Easter itself.

These mini eggs feature Cadbury milk chocolate with a smooth orange flavoured milk chocolate centre, then wrapped in a crunchy and speckled sugar shell.

While it’s only January, they’ve already been spotted in Tesco and One Stop stores and created a lot of discussion on social media. Lots of fans are excited to try them, mentioning the new flavour looks “delicious” and a post on Facebook page, Money Saver by Dansway has had well over 7,000 comments this week.

If you enjoy Terry’s Chocolate Orange, you will likely enjoy the new Cadbury Orange Mini Eggs, but be warned, as they are quite addictive. This is easily seen by how popular normal Cadbury Mini Eggs are and certainly one of the most popular Easter treats in the UK, millions of bags are sold each year.

Mini Eggs already come in a good variety of flavours, which include classic milk chocolate, also white and dark chocolate options. Cadbury Mini Egg bars, pouches, tubes, and giant eggs and also popular around Easter time. There’s even a Cadbury Mini Eggs cookbook with recipes, which is sold at the likes of The Works stores.

This is one of many other Easter treats for chocolate orange lovers and many of them are already in stores. Tesco, M&S and ASDA have already launched their Easter egg range in-store.