M&S Launch NEW £15 Chinese Dine In Meal Deal

If you visit M&S regularly you would have noticed they offer a variety of meals deals for shoppers to enjoy adding to their basket when in-store. With that said, they have launched a New Chinese Dine In Meal Deal for 2 yesterday, which is Only £15. Includes a delicious selection of food and gives those a choice to bag 2 Mains and 2 Sides for a set price. 

M&S Chinese Meal Deal

They’re known for their good quality food and whenever there’s an offer on, such as the one mentioned, many people get excited and start to head in-store to see for themself. We’ve seen that thanks to the offer being spotted and posted by Money Saver By Dansway, letting their followers know and gaining 100’s of comments in the process.

This isn’t the only meal deal M&S have done, in the past we’ve seen:

  • £12 Slow Cooked Meal Deal – 1 Main and 2 Sides  
  • £12 Steak and Chips Meal Deal – 1 Main, 1 Side and 1
  • £20 Asian Fusion Meal Deal – 2 Mains and 4 Extras
  • Mother’s Day Meal Deal – Choose from a Roasting Main, 3 Sides and a Sharing Dessert

These are just some, there has been many more and most likely lots to look forward to in the future.

In the upcoming weeks we’re also expecting to see a return of a few other meals deals, them being the £20 Valentine’s Day and Easter Meal Deals so be sure to keep an eye out for those.

Don’t forget to check out other new products that have also arrived to M&S in the last month with them bringing back their quirky flavoured Dessert Sauces and Flossy the Highland Cow Easter Egg, which can be found alongside many other sweet treats.