M&S New Flossy The Highland Cow Chocolate Egg

If you’re looking for a delicious Easter treat early in 2024, or just want to see what each retailer has within their lineup, you’ll be happy to know stores like Tesco and M&S have already launched some of their Easter range. The new Flossy the Highland Cow Chocolate Egg from M&S is one of the most popular right now, even though it’s still January.

M&S Flossy The Highland Cow Chocolate Egg

We spotted this adorable egg in-store this week, as seen above, which is made from smooth chocolate and decorated with chocolate horns, ears and even a nose. There’s been a few products themed as Highland Cows at various retailers last year, so the latest addition will obviously be just as popular, especially if the thousands of comments seen on social posts from the likes of Dansway Gifts are anything to go by. One post features over 4,000 comments, which shows just how popular this chocolate egg is going to be from M&S.

The Flossy the Highland Cow Chocolate Egg is one of many eggs sold by M&S and they also have a luxury Easter range, which features hand-finished designs and some of these can be purchased online. From hand-painted Belgian octagonal eggs to 24 Carrot Gold Eggs.

You’ll find the Flossy the Highland Cow Chocolate Egg only available for purchase in-store, although stock will vary by location, especially in the lead up to Easter. The above photo was taken at the M&S store at Westwood Cross, Kent.

M&S have a good history of producing innovative and fun Easter eggs and some of these have become very memorable among consumers. Below are a few of the previous chocolate egg themes, which have been sold at M&S over the years:

  • Colin the Caterpillar – Almost all M&S shoppers will know this beloved character well from M&S, also how Colin the Caterpillar has transformed into chocolate Easter egg a few times and other products at the retailer. The first Colin egg launched over 5 years ago and has since been introduced with a vegan-friendly Colin and made into fruit-flavoured jelly sweets.
  • Percy Pig – They don’t get much bigger than Percy Pig when it comes to themes at M&S. There’s everything from homeware to clothing, sweets and of course, chocolate eggs. This fan-favourite character from M&S, also lunched as an Easter egg with a Percy Pig egg in 2019, following this with a HUGE egg a year later. The giant egg was very popular and sold out very quickly after launch.
  • Floral – We’ve also seen M&S launch elegant and classic floral themes within their Easter egg collection. These eggs were decorated with flowers and leaves, with a mix of white, dark, and ruby chocolate.

We look forward to see the full range chocolate eggs at M&S in 2024 and future years, as we’re sure some will be innovative.