M&S Return Quirky Dessert Sauces

With Pancake Day fast approaching M&S have made a return of their quirky dessert sauces for those to enjoy adding to the top of their pancakes. There’s 5 flavours to choose from, Banoffee, Strawberry, Sticky Toffee, Belgian Chocolate and also Lemon Sherbet Drizzle. Last year these were very high on peoples shopping lists when heading to store before testing their cooking skills in the kitchen.

M&S Dessert Sauces

They were spotted in the Westwood Cross store, Thanet, within the past few days, so it’s defiantly worth checking your local M&S to see if they’re available for you as well. Of course stock will depend on location, however we expect they’re going to be available for most across the UK.

When posted on social media the popular flavours seemed to be Banoffee and Lemon Sherbet, shortly followed by the Sticky Toffee. They’re perfect for those who have a sweet tooth or are simply excited to taste them again.

One of many items that are talked about from M&S with other products being added over the past few weeks, one of them being the extremely popular Flossy the Highland Cow Chocolate Egg. No doubt more products will be found in the upcoming weeks and months, especially with their delicious range of summer food to look forward too.