Home Bargains Add New Dinosaur Range to their shelves

Those of you with a young dino fan won’t want to miss out on the new dinosaur range that’s been put out in Home Bargains over the weekend. There couldn’t be a better time to start the process of changing the look of your child’s bedroom ahead of a well deserved Spring clean. It’s turning out to be the most talk about collections since the beginning of 2024.

Since found in-store it’s gone crazy due to the popularity in dinosaur themed homeware and any other items for that matter. Stock will of course depend on location throughout the UK, however when spotted in person there was a Pack of String Lights, Soft Throw, Cushion, Duvet Set, Light Projector, Small Canvases and a Pack of 3 Coat Hooks to choose from.

Gained more than 1.8K comments since being mentioned on social media, so if you’re planning a trip to your local store you may want to be thinking of heading there sooner rather than later, as some items could sell fast.

This isn’t the other collection that’s been put on display recently. Home Bargains also have their Easter Range, gifts for Valentine’s Day and others such as the New Disney Thumper collection, which to be aimed for those looking for Mother’s Day presents.

It wasn’t long ago since seeing the popular Stitch Travel Mugs and Wednesday Addams Plush Dolls, so that goes to show they’re adding new products regularly, definitely worth checking every now and again. We’ll be sure to keep you updated with any other hot items that appear in the near future.