ASDA Reduce LEGO Flower Sets for Valentine’s Day

ASDA are known to have a lovely Valentine’s Day range each year for those looking to spoil a love one or friend and with that said, this time around they’ve reduced both of these Roses and Blossom LEGO Sets to a slightly cheaper price of Now £10. Since being found in-store they’ve definitely caused a lot of attention for all of the right reasons.

LEGO Flower Sets ASDA

Stock will of course depend on location of each ASDA store, however if you’re lucky enough to find either set in a location near you, they’ll make a lovely gift for someone to build and have on show within their home. Many people have mentioned, alongside 100’s of other comments on social media, “how pretty” they look and that they’ll make a “lovely display piece!”.

ASDA are well known for their the variety of ranges, whether that’s to do with clothing, toys, homeware or food so we expect to see lots of other items to make a breakthrough throughout the rest of 2024. Make sure to keep an eye out, especially with their upcoming Easter range and Spring/Summer collections.

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