Zizo Bolt Series and VRS Design Duo Guard case reviews for iPhone 7

Choosing the right case for your new iPhone 7 is always gong to be a tough decision to make because of so many choices out there. You might go for the price first, or whether you are looking for something that adds a small amount of protection, or extra protection for those that like to get out there in the wild, snd so do not worry so much if they drop their handset.


It’s for this reason why we are looking at two iPhone 7 cases that are very different to each other, and those are the Zizo Bolt Series iPhone 7 Tough Case & Belt Clip in Gold and Black, along with the VRS Design Duo Guard for the new iPhone in Satin Silver.


First up is our Zizo Bolt Series iPhone 7 Tough Case review – and the first thing we would like to say is that there are several colour choices for you, and those are red and black, rose gold and black and grey and black to name a few. We have reviewed several Otterbox cases in the past, such as the Defender Series for the iPhone 6/6s, and so wanted to see what another rugged case was like.


Well, first impressions are always important, and our first was not a great one because the finish of the main part of the casing is not great. Having worked for injection holding companies in the past, it was noticed that some flashing was left on around edges, which is meant to be trimmed off when going through quality control – but this one we had did have some bits of black plastic showing around the front edge.


We’re told that this case is Military Standard 810-G Drop Test Compliant, and we do not doubt that, but we do fear if this was tested, how long the plastic casing would last, as it does feel rather cheap. Having said that, there are some good points about this case, such as coming with 9H tempered glass screen protector included to help offer increased protection for your screen.


Not only that, but we know some of you out there will love the stylish military look, built in kickstand for watching videos, and also heavy-duty 360 degree rotating belt clip. It’s the latter feature that makes this case ideal for those of you going on a trek. We did give this a little try, and jumped about a bit and the phone stays in place rather well, and with the phone and case clipping to the belt clip with the screen facing inwards, it’s yet another layer of protection.


It did take a few tries getting the hang of getting the phone in the case, and once you get the knack, it’s easy, although taking the iPhone 7 back out is a different matter, as it is very tough, and you start to worry about actually bending your phone. Having said that, for those that will always require a high amount of protection for their new iPhone, then this is a great case, and its price is also another positive, as it costs just £24.99 on Mobile Fun. Oh, one more thing, the buttons are a little hard to press when in the case, and so you need to remember that.


VRS Design Duo Guard iPhone 7 Case hands-on review – The model we had was satin silver in colour, although there is also several other options, such as dark silver, deep blue, champagne gold and deep gold. Getting this case on was very easy and the first thing that we noticed was the rubberised edges that surrounds the case, and so helps to offer a decent amount of grip – so no concerns about dropping when your hands are wet.


This case is a slim fit and comes in two parts, which consists of a hard-shell construction to protect against knocks and scratches, and also rubber innards to offer protection against shocks. The case does give you peace of mind, along with the fact it is of a nice deign, and so very different to the Zizo Bolt Series.


What we also like about this case is that kickstand, which does come in handy if you need to place your phone on the side and watch a YouTube video, such as recipes, or even letting your child watch something to get them to sleep – keeping out of arms length of course. The outer edge of the case also sits a little higher than the screen of the iPhone 7, and so means you are less likely to scratch the screen if you place it down display first.


As for the price of the VRS Design Duo Guard case for the iPhone 7, you will have to part with £19.99 on Mobile Fun, which to us does not sound too bad of a deal when you consider the premium design – even if it does not offer you the same sort of protection as above, although not all of us want that.


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