Zendure A2 Power Bank Review – Portable iPhone, Android charger

This second generation Zendure A2 power bank is a great portable iPhone and Android charger, during our review we find out how well its design allows us to re-charge smartphones when running out of battery whilst on the go. The A2 is the most durable portable charger produced today and not forgetting it can bear the weight of a car.


The front of the box has a magnetic panel giving buyers a sneak peak, this is a great idea because unlike some other companies you’ll have to wait and see what the product looks like once you’ve made your purchase.


With a quick glance at the back of the box you’ll notice all of the possible items the A2 can re-charge from smartphones to even handheld consoles such as the Playstation PSP.


In the image above you’ll see the power bank has a tight moulded foam protector meaning no damage will occur when in transportation, placed below the A2 there’s a separate box containing a USB cable. We’re very impressed in how everything has been neatly packed in such a small box.


Once you’ve taken everything out of the box the first thing as always is to check everything you need has been packed.

Within a nutshell you’ll receive the Zendure A2 power bank, a USB charging cable, a grey carry pouch, 18-month warrenty and of course an instructions manual.


First Look – The Zendure A2 is created to make your life easier when running out of battery when wall plugs aren’t available, this design has been kept to a very minimal look with only one button to use and has a great looking black sparkle finish when shown in the light.


For something that’s been invented for holding the weight of a car, it’s not too heavy either. The design of this unit holding the power bank is extremely impressive, as had been demonstrated during the early days when this product was only a Kickstarter Project.


On the back of the A2 there isn’t much detail to look for apart from the design that has engraved lines throughout the charger.


Located at the bottom of the A2 you’ll find the charging port and also the USB, this allows you to charge your phone when on the go, however, before charging your device you’ll need to charge you Zendure A2 through the cable that’s connected to your computer. There is a downside, the power bank doesn’t come with an adapter, so you can’t charge from a mains wall socket unless you have your own USB adapter.


As seen once again in the image above, the A2 power bank really is tiny compared to others that we’ve reviewed. This allows you to place your portable charger in pockets and other small places much easier.


Once you’ve lost power from the Zendure’s A2 you’ll need to charge it from your computer through the USB port, this takes around 2 hours to charge but can survive up to 3 charges! This is perfect for short weekends away.

When charging you will notice 4 blue lights flashing, this indicates how much power the A2 has while charging. The same principle will apply when charging your handheld device except the lights will count down, 4 blue lights meaning full charge and 1 blue light meaning it needs charging when possible.

Main Features

  • The single USB Port automatically detects your device and fine tunes the output to charge it at maximum speed (up to 2.1A). The power bank will turn itself on automatically when connected to compatible devices so you don’t need to push the power button on the external battery.
  • You can charge Zendure while charging your devices with a single wall charger, a feature rarely seen in other power banks.
  • Durability & Style: Crush proof composite material, dual-injection molding and a shock-absorbing central belt make it one of the most durable and yet stylish external batteries available. It’s also one of the smallest and lightest power bank with 6700mAh capacity.

Final Thought – We really enjoyed reviewing the Zendure A2 Power Bank, we loved the fact you’re able to charge your phone whilst on the go and causes no problems when your device is running low in power.

This portable charger is very easy to transport and doesn’t take up much room either, so it wouldn’t matter if it’s placed in your pocket or packed away in luggage. The A2 doesn’t take long to charge, so you’re able to take this everywhere you go. Considering how tough this power bank is, we think the £29 price is pretty good currently on Amazon at the time of publication.

While the Zendure A2 didn’t include separate charging cables for Samsung and Apple devices, you could simply use your own cable that comes with your smartphone and plug into the USB port on the power bank unit. In fact, previous power banks had such tiny built-in cables that we preferred the A2’s setup.


You can learn about the full range of Zendure power banks and see specs for the A2 along with A3 to A8 QC models at the official website here on Zendure.

ALSO: Just for fun, we’ve included an official Zendure video below that shows a collection of their power banks being run over by a McLaren Spider.


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