VTech Baby Toot-Toot Splash Toy Review for Bath Island Fun

We have kindly been given the chance to do a hands-on review with the Baby Toot-Toot Splash Toy by VTech, which promises lots of bath time fun. This is an interactive bath set for your little ones during their time in the bath with different choices of phrases, sound effects and much more.


By looking at the back of the box you will notice this VTech Baby Toot-Toot Splash toy isn’t just for the bath, but is for anywhere within your household, although we’d imagine it will mostly be used during bath time. With that said, during our review we had the help of a 3 year old that enjoyed at least an hour of play before bath time started.


Below we’ve laid out exactly what you should find inside the box, as per normal this is a good idea to make sure nothing is missing.


The Unboxing – With a quick round up inside you’ll find: a turtle, two islands, a slide, numbered 1 to 3 different colour blocks, a palm tree, the main island, top of a light house and of course an instruction manual explaining how everything goes together.


If you are in the middle of trying to put the VTech Baby Toot-Toot Splash Toy together, the instructions manual will always come in handy, especially this one, with plenty of pictures showing how things are placed together.


When starting to build the Bath Island Fun toy, you’ll notice everything needs clipping into place, this is a really good idea due to past manufactures needing bolts and screws, which isn’t always a good idea with little ones.


In the picture above it isn’t always about clipping the items into place on some, such as the palm tree, you’ll have to push and wait for a clicking noise to know for sure that it is fully secure it really is that simple.


The Power Button – To activate the turtle you’ll need to place it upside down, as you can see in the picture above there will be an orange ON/OFF button simply push that button down and you are away. This turtle comes with a battery however, it is always left on for any buyers to try out before purchasing, so we recommend you place a fresh battery where provided, you’ll find this along side the power button.


Once the turtle has been turned on simply press its eyes, by doing this the turtle will sing four sing-along songs and say may different phrases educating your little ones.


VTech have thought this out very well, the reason they’ve made it so colourful is because children from the age of 18 months upwards start noticing bright colours making it playful for them to use engaging language development, imaginative play, motor skills, imaginative play and sensory development.


Once you’ve placed the turtle on top of the slide you’ll see a blue handle, flip this towards you and the toy will shoot down. When not playing during bath time, we can tell you little ones will love not only flying the turtle down this slide, but just about whatever other toys they can too, as we found out ourselves.

Something else we found our little one doing was taking everything apart again, which isn’t easy at first, and then building the toy again. This helps build their skills and they also love counting the numbers as well.


Main Features

  • Compatible with other Toot-Toot Splash boats and animals (each of these sold separately)
  • Manipulative features including a twisting beach umbrella, water wheel, fun launcher and stacking cup lighthouse
  • Island features a SplashPoint recognition location that responds when the turtle is placed on it
  • Turtle includes lots of fun phrases, sound effects, four sing-along songs and 10 melodies
  • Interactive, floating play set includes a SplashPoint Turtle

Final Thought – Overall we found this Baby Toot-Toot bath toy great fun for little ones, and while it’s hard for us to deliver how good the toy is in terms of being built for young children, we can tell you our little one has been playing with this Vtech toy at every bath time for over 2 weeks now. How long the fun will last is yet to be seen, but it’s still proving to deliver and will likely do so for many baths yet.

You will find the Baby Toot-Toot Splash Bath Island Toy on Amazon for under £20 at the time of posting.


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