VTech Baby 2-in-1 Trike to Balance Bike Review

This is our hands-on review with the VTech Baby 2-in-1 Trike to Balance Bike ranged between 18 to 36 months, your little one will enhance their balance and motor skill development with two modes being introduced into just one. Featuring sound effects when the bike is moving, this will add to the fun of your little one learning during playtime.


Before reviewing the VTech Balance Bike we needed to unbox everything, from the image below you can see just how everything is packed individually from the moment you open up the box.


Below we’ve laid everything out showing you what comes in the box. This includes the main bike frame, two detachable wheels (for swapping from mode to mode), an interactive steering panel and as always an instructions manual explaining how everything places together.


If you cannot decide on what mode to have the VTech balance bike in simply turn the frame upside-down and you’ll find a separate ‘instruction guide’ making the building process a lot easier and quicker


When initially starting our review of the Baby 2-in-1 Trike to Balance Bike, we found the way they put instructions in this place very helpful and made everything a lot quicker than constantly looking back and forth in the instructions manual. Simple approach, but shows you some thought has gone into this for making life easier for parents.


Tricycle Mode – With everything slipping into place building the VTech in trike mode is very straight forward and the help of pictures from underneath the frame we had this built in no-time to make sure you have built the trike correctly, with the wheels facing outright, it should look like the image just below.


If your little one is just over the age of 18 months we’d highly recommend they have the VTech in trike mode, this allows them to play and interact without the worry of not being able to find their balance.

By introducing them to the trike mode at such an early age, in the near future they shouldn’t have a problem stepping things up and riding the bike mode.


Interactive Steering Panel – This trike to bike allows your little ones not only to have fun riding around the house but also when off of the bike, the dashboard has many different buttons for them to interact with allowing them to improve their skills.


On the front panel are left and right arrow keys with a spinning speedometer that will help your children develop fine motor skills. For added entertainment, a motion sensor will play when they move the bike around and this also includes sound effects, of course they will most likely make their own sounds too!


Amongst all of the buttons placed in the centre is a blue key, this is great for both boys and girls. They are going to find this really interesting due to turning the key and pretending to start their motorbike, with help of the driving effects when moving this will truly feel like they are living their dream.


Motorbike Mode – When building the VTech bike you’ll notice everything just slots together in place, just like the trike mode, if you decide to change your mind in the near future just repeat the same process, it really is that straightforward!


Once the balance bike has been built this is what it should look like, in our opinion this is a great way for your little ones to try and find their balance but lets face it they’ll be having the time of their lives with the interactive steering paddle, before you know it they’ll find their balance in no time!

Main Features

  • Switch the wheels to turn the trike into bike mode to enhance balance and motor skill development.
  • Spin the roller to develop fine motor skills.
  • Spin the speedometer to hear fun engine sound effects play.
  • Featuring two modes of play that introduce shapes, colours and motorbike items.
  • Learn the concepts of driving with the fun filled activities on the front panel.

Final Thought – Overall we are very impressed with the VTech Baby 2-in-1 Trike Bike, with plenty of opportunities for you little ones to learn while having fun is such a cool idea, not only are they being distracted through playing but finding their balance will naturally occur.

The bike to trike is currently being sold for just under £37 on Amazon, we think that if your child is going to learn then this is the way forward, it’s very interactive and a fun way of learning. This bike also comes in a range of two different colours these being Pink and the colour shown in the review.

ALSO – Please feel free to take a look at the VTech Baby 2-in-1 Trike to Balance Bike official Youtube video below, which also shows you all of the capable things this bike can do.


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