Vax TBTTV1T1 Cordless SlimVac review reveals total freedom

We have been hands-on with the Vax TBTTV1T1 Cordless SlimVac for a few days now and this is our review after spending some time within a real world test. Obviously, the main purpose of this Vax is to give the user less hassle when vacuuming thanks to no wires, and with different multiples of vacuum heads to choose from, you’ll be able to clean your house in no time.


The image above and below shows the packaging for this product, we personally think this is well thought out showing you all of the main features, from cleaning the stairs to getting into the smallest cracks of your cabinets.


You’ll be looking forward to trying out many of these features thanks to the tease before you’ve even opened the box.


Unpacking – We’ve included a photo of everything contained inside the box above and below, as this gives you a good idea of what’s included and also all the attachments you received before putting things together. This is always a good time to make sure everything is there, so take a minute like we did.


In a nutshell, you will find the Vax TBTTV1T1 Cordless SlimVac components include a reach wand, a battery with adaptor that slots easily in and out of the main motor housing and a number of tools we’ve listed below.

There’s several different types of vacuum heads for various parts of the house that include a 3 in 1 tool, pet tool/stair tool, up top tool, multi-purpose tool, and a hard floor tool plus a black felt bag to place all of these heads in when not in use. We think this will become very useful and stop buyers loosing bits that they need.


This rechargable battery is what the Vax TBTTV1T1 needs to run on to deliver cordless freedom, it is very light and has a slim line look with a button explaining how to release the battery when it needs charging again.


In this picture you’ll see exactly where the battery is released and inserted from, the wire you see is for charging the Vax TBTTV1T1 while the battery is obviously inserted. Once fully charged you will not need this wire, and you’ll hear a clicking noise when slotting the battery into place to let you know it’s ready to go!

During our review we really did notice how much easier it was to get around the house, especially when needing to vacuum the stairs and whip around the surrounding areas, although the positivity ends a little here thanks to a short runtime. In fact, 5 hours of charging only delivered around 24 minutes of battery power.

The problem here is that Vax aren’t alone with short runtimes, so if you want the benefit of cordless vacuuming then this will be the drawback into battery power improves at this price point (Just under £130 on Amazon UK at the time of publication).


This Vax TBTTV1T1 vacuum cleaner has a great design and is very unique, the company have kept the look simple but have chose the colours for it to stand out, although we did noticed this Vax became rather heavy after using for a period of time. Some people might expect something lighter on the wrist for a cordless vacuum, but then weigh this against carrying other vacuums and long wires, especially when you have a lot of stairs in the house.


On a positive note, when you first unpack the Vax TBTTV1T1 from the box you will notice that it comes with a label hanging down this is to grab your attention to make sure you know where the power button is to enable you to operate it. Also, this Vax comes with a comfy handle allowing you to have a strong hold of the vacuum at all times.


Once everything is put together and in place we found out that this vacuum is very good around all areas of the house on all types of different flooring however, it is especially good when it comes to the stairs due to no wires being in the way.


At first we didn’t like the idea of having to keep holding the power button during vacuuming, then we found a lever next to the power button on the left hand side, which allows the user to keep the power on during use without having to hold the button. Perfect for cleaning large areas or the stairs, and then just push the lever away from you for it to stop.


After using this product for a short amount of time we started to notice that the reach wand, also known as the long metal pole, can detach and become shorter making it that little bit easier for getting in those tight gaps. This is especially good for under the sofa, if need be.


Once you have finished vacuuming and if the Vax is in need of an empty, just press down and release a button that is located on the side of the dirt container. This allows you to easily empty after use, or when becoming full.

Main Features:

  • Multi-floor cleaning with a powered floorhead with additional Up Top tool & Pet/Stair Tool included
  • 22.2V Lithium battery technology for long lasting performance
  • 24 minutes of performance
  • Powerful, lightweight and effortless machine with a dynamic detachable handheld

Final Thought – We found overall this vacuum is very good and allows you to housework in a quick amount of time. We also liked the idea that everything you needed is all in the palm of your hand, thanks to being wireless and not tripping over wires constantly or needing to change a power point.

The main disadvantage of this product is battery life, but this is something you’ll have to expect with current technology and is even the same with some other brands like Dyson that charge more than double for your cordless vacuum. Some consumers might expect a quieter motor, and while it’s not the most silent we were happy overall with the sound and suction when comparing to other models we’ve reviewed.


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