Unboxing the Roberts R-Line S2 Multi-Room Stereo Speaker

We’ve had the pleasure of receiving an impressive multi-room speaker from Roberts Radio and couldn’t wait to find out why this speaker is priced higher than most, which soon becomes apparent after a few minutes of listening and playing around with the Roberts R-Line S2 features.

Before we deliver our full review, we wanted to offer some photos of our initial unboxing and show exactly what you get inside the Roberts R-Line S2 Multi-Room Stereo Speaker. This is something we know many Product Reviews readers love, so they can see what’s inside the box before purchasing.


Once you’ve taken a look at the box, unboxing, and what’s inside, come back for our full review to see how we get on with the S2 sound with deep bass in both small and large open rooms.

The box contains the Roberts R-Line S2 speaker, instruction manual covering everything from getting to know the basic functions to connecting with external devices, and of course the mains adaptor to power the speaker.


As you can see from these unboxing photos, you can count on the unit being well protected during transport thanks to great packing by Roberts Radio. Something not all brands take enough care on, and as such shows this brand really cares about the quality lasting from manufacturer to arriving at your home.


We’d recommend taking a look at the included instruction manual first rather than just jumping in, although if that’s what you want to do then you can just connect via a Bluetooth device for instant music. There’s of course a lot more functions and abilities like direct connecting to Spotify, and Internet Radio via Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth/NFC Pairing to multiple devices.



While you get a detailed instruction manual, there’s also separate instructions on how to use Spotify Connect with the R-Line S2 speaker. It’s a simple 5 step process, as you can see in the image below, which we’ll explain more about in our full review.


We’ve included a few more photos below detailing the stylish front and back of the R-Line R2 speaker, as well as a closer look at the main buttons on top. You can clearly see the Bluetooth button, which most people will use right away when first powering on.


The R-Line is a well connected, great sounding speaker that’s very versatile.


We’re looking forward to spending more time with the R-Line and testing the sound quality in both small and larger rooms.


Main Features

  • Access millions of songs via Spotify Connect
  • Stereo speaker with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity to stream from your smartphone or PC
  • For use as a single speaker in small / large rooms, or part of a multi-room system.
  • NFC for easy pairing.
  • Can be used as either a left or right speaker in a stereo set-up

We’ve had a play for a short time so far, and we’re already impressed with what Roberts engineers have created. The R-Line has been fine-tuned to deliver the best sound yet along with a completely modular design, so adding more speakers is easy with custom configurations to suit how you like to listen.

Full review of the Roberts R-Line S2 Multi-Room Speaker coming Soon!


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