Unboxing the KitSound Stadium 120 Soundbar and Subwoofer

While the KitSound Stadium 120 soundbar and subwoofer home cinema system isn’t the most expensive around, it’s known for making movies and sport sound great, although expectations should still be within its price bracket.

This isn’t top end kit, but from our short play around already, we are impressed with both sound and base quality. You will find most television sound transformed to something much better, especially considering the lack of good sound in most flat panels anyway.


We’d expect most people won’t want anything other than a soundbar after trying one for a period of time. This is very important if you watch a lot of movies, or like to game on Xbox One / PS4.

This article features just our unboxing of the KitSound Stadium 120 Soundbar and Subwoofer, also detailing what’s inside for those curious, although the full review will go live shortly.


KitSound Stadium 120 Box Contains – inside the box you’ll find the subwoofer unit, the soundbar stereo speaker system, a remote control, power adaptors for both subwoofer and soundbar, a user manual, 3.5mm to RCA audio cable, and finally a 3.5mm aux-in cable.



There’s also brackets included to mount your soundbar, if you choose to do this. You can see how everything is packed in pictures of the components above.


The included manual details what all the control buttons and connections do, but what we liked most about this instruction manual is the quote seen below. It really does show the passion from the makers of this speaker system, and KitSound get really close to the “pure, rich, incredible sound” they strive for with this Stadium 120 soundbar and subwoofer.


We’ve included some photos of the main soundbar unit below, which give you a clear indication of style, thickness, and overall design.


The soundbar is compatible with most televisions including brands like Sharp, Toshiba, Philips, LG, Sony, Panasonic, and Samsung.


The speaker delivers immersive sound and is ideal for those that don’t want to spend on much higher priced soundbars, but are also not happy with the sound coming from a TV alone.


You can see where the Bluetooth pairing button can be found within the photo below, which is located at the rear of KitSound’s Stadium 120.


The wireless subwoofer isn’t exactly big, and the speaker located underneath is relativity small, but again from our short play around so far, it performs well in terms of base and depth. Being wireless makes placing the subwoofer easier, and the form factor is slick.


If you owned the older model soundbar from KitSound, then you will be more than happy from improvements that include extra connectivity, wattage, and more immersive sound.

Main Features Include:

  • Perfect for listening to sports and movies
  • Multi-connectivity: Bluetooth, aux-in, and optical connection
  • Wireless subwoofer that enriches audio to heighten listening experience
  • Dolby Digital audio for the best possible experience
  • Outstanding 120 Watts of powerful audio

That’s our unboxing article for the KitSound Stadium 120, we’ll be posting the full review shortly to see exactly how the unit performs with everyday use, and how we find the array of connections that include optical and Bluetooth streaming.


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