Spigen iPhone 7 Case Liquid Armor review for basic protection

If you were to run a search for the best iPhone 7 case, then we bet in one of the categories the name Spigen will appear? This is because they do tend to be one of the better brands when it comes to basic to medium protection. Not all of us want a big, bulky cases, as it’s just not practical for them, and so Spigen will be ideal for you.


You can imagine how happy we were when Spigen sent out one of their iPhone 7 Liquid Armor cases for us to review, although more so because this was the very first case for our new iPhone 7, and so was important to us because it offered us that protection needed for this latest handset.


For those looking for a case with a simply design and basic protection against bumps and scratches, then the Liquid Amor case could very well be an ideal choice for you. However, it’s worth remembering that their is currently just the one colour, and that is black – although other options could become available at a later date.


The box is very simple in its design and very easy to get in to – unlike those vacuum formed ones that require a university degree to get in to. What we did notice right away was the difference to the pattern on the rear of this case compared to that of the iPhone 6/6s version, and it’s small triangles on the former rather than a dotted pattern on the latter. We are not sure why they have done this, unless it might offer increased grip?


We have reviewed some cases and when trying to place them on the phone we have had a few issues with them being too tight, or just struggling to get the last corner in. However, there were no such issues here, as the flexible TPU material makes it easy to put on or take off, and do not think for one moment that the case would feel loose and saggy, because it is still a nice, snug fit.


In terms of holding the phone with the Liquid Armor case, it certainly does offer a decent amount of grip, even if your hands are a bit damp. We also like how the rear cover is just thick enough so that the camera lens sits just below the opening, and so you know when you place the case down, the lens is not hitting any surfaces, and so no fear of any scratches then.



Overall impression – Ok, so this may be a cheap case for the iPhone 7, although we were never under any illusion that it was going to be otherwise. We used the case for several days, and while we were a little annoyed at how much dust and dirt it picks up when placed on different surfaces, it’s far better for our case to pick up all of that rather than the phone – which would have showed up more with ours, especially as we have the matte black version.

The price for this case is £9.99 and you can pre-order yours now direct from the Spigen website.


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