Sharp HT-SBW110 2.1 Soundbar Review with wired Subwoofer

The Sharp HT-SBW110 2.1 Soundbar is one of the most sensible soundbars around, it leaves out flash features like touchscreen buttons or a wireless sub, and delivers a more punchy sound with practical design. It’s not only the design that’s practical, Sharp has also delivered a soundbar, which is ridiculously easy to set up.

Really Quick To Setup

You will find a quick start guide and instruction manual inside the box with your Sharp HT-SBW110 soundbar, although during our quick review we didn’t even have to look at this to get everything setup and working within a few minutes, it really is simple!

Where To Buy: Tesco sells the Sharp HT-SBW110 180W 2.1 Soundbar.

Everything that comes inside the box can be seen in the photo below. There’s the wired subwoofer, a slim soundbar and remote control, wall brackets, instructions and quick start guide, along with two types of power cables.

Slim Remote

The remote control might not be as fully featured as others, but with the amount of remotes most homes have, this is just perfect in our opinion. It does everything we need it to for a soundbar, also in a very small package.

Wired Subwoofer, Powerful Bass

This Sharp Soundbar features 180W max power output with a wired subwoofer for more powerful bass, HDMI ARC / CEC to allow you to control the soundbar with your TV remote, Bluetooth to stream audio/music from smartphones and other devices, and a very slim profile at just 6cm high.

You can see the wired subwoofer that comes with the HT-SBW110 above, this won’t be for everyone, especially those who love wireless speakers, but you’ll certainly get an improved and more punchy sound thanks to this cable.

The sub can be seen from the rear of the speaker, as pictured above. Not the biggest, but it sounds great for the price range with solid sound.

Slim and Low Profile Design

It will be hard to find a TV that the Sharp HT-SBW110 soundbar wouldn’t fit under, it has a very slim and low profile design. In fact, it’s just 6cm high and sat really neatly under our 65-inch TV without obscuring the picture.

The form factor of this soundbar means it can easily be sat on your TV stand, or wall mounted with the included brackets if needed. It looks stunning finished in matt black with a metal front grill.

The Connections You Need

You’ll find a number of ports on the back of the HT-SBW110 that allow the soundbar to be connected through a wired 3.5mm aux-in, HDMI ARC, or optical audio-in. If you connect to your TV with the HDMI ARC, you’ll be able to use the TV as a hub and easily switch between devices (These could include a media player, games console, and set top box)

Practical Buttons on Front

We love the hard-to-press rubber buttons, as touch-buttons can see you or children easily turning up the sound or changing settings by mistake, which isn’t a good idea late at night. While this won’t be for everyone, for us it was a sensibly choice that works.

There’s a number of equaliser pre-sets that include Music, Movie, and News. This helps deliver a truly immersive experience dependant on the content you’re listening to, or watching.

Main Sharp HT-SBW110 Features:

  • 180W max power output with wired subwoofer for powerful bass
  • Control your soundbar with your TV remote with HDMI ARC / CEC
  • Stream music wirelessly from your Bluetooth enabled smart device
  • Slim, low profile design that’s just over 6cm high
  • Connect to your TV wirelessly if it has Bluetooth-out capability
  • News, Movie and Music equaliser pre-sets

Bottom-Line: For the £99 price at Tesco, at the time of publication, you get a lot for your money. The sound from the sub filled our room and the soundbar delivers with the simple presets, it’s impressive considering the size and small form factor, which in itself is ideal for sitting under big screen TVs.


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