Seta Phone Stand, low down review

The beauty of this job is that you never know what is going to land on your desk for review. Sometimes you get some shockers and if you’re lucky, like I have been this week, you get an absolute classic. I have been getting hands on with a unique phone stand that is currently a KickStarter project — The Seta Smartphone Stand.


The Seta is the only stand you will ever need; as it works with any phone so next time you upgrade you don’t have to worry about replacing your docking system. The stand is crafted from aircraft grade aluminum and features NanoSuction pads and it is these pads that make the stand so different from others on the market.


Clever design means the Seta is perfectly angled to allow easy viewing of the phone on your desk or worktop. Featuring the T-Channel cord holder, the stand becomes the ultimate dock by allowing the charging cord to be passed through the base and connected to the phone.


The NanoSuction pads are unique to Seta and work in the same way as a Gecko’s foot does. The pads attached to the stand already, are covered with a protective film that needs removing before using for the first time.


The pads themselves are deceiving, they are not gummy or tacky as you would expect, but the adhesion properties of them are astounding. They grip any smooth surface and hold the stand solidly, I was expecting the stand to overbalance easily, but my fears were misguided.


After a while of using the stand around the home and office, the pads started to gather dust and loose adhesion slightly. This is not a problem though, as the pads can be revitalised by cleaning with a damp cloth or clear sticky tape.


I have been taking a look at the silver stand, which sits perfectly alongside my Mac mini and Macbook air, and looks as though it could have been designed by Apple themselves. The Seta will eventually be available in 5 other colors, red, blue, black, white and pink, a color for everyone and every situation.


Adhesion offered from the pads is phenomenal, and almost feels magnetic, which is pretty strange when you realise the stand is sitting on glass or wood! One issue I did have when using the stand with standard plastic screen/back protectors fitted to my phone was that the adhesion was so great I kept leaving the rear protector stuck to the stand when I removed the phone! I decided the ultimate test for the stand would be to see if it would adhere to vertical glass and as you can see in the pictures below, this was not a problem.



As stands go, Seta has managed to achieve the perfect design. It is simplistic and aesthetically brilliant, managing to be, not only a perfect viewing stand but also a universal charging dock too. At the time of writing the KickStarter page shows over $66 000 pledged with 30 days still to go, I am not the only person who believes in this stand. This project is snowballing.


The Seta stands are available to pledge for $25 and it is also possible to order the NanoSuction pads on their own, allowing you to attach them directly to the phone, any smooth surface or even your tablet. For more information, to check out the range in more depth or to even make a pledge take a look at the Seta KickStarter page here.

Worth a mention: within 24 hours as a Kickstarter they surpassed their goal of $20,000. They’re currently at $68k funding!






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