Seidio Innotraveler Universal Car Mount hands on review

Over the past week I have been taking a look, at the Seidio Innotraveler Universal Car Mount, and have been using it daily, on my commute to the office. The holder is extremely tough and securely and confidently attaches to the windshield or the dashboard using the integral suction cup.


The Innotraveler features an adjustable arm that hinges at 2 points and allows the mount to swivel up to 180 degrees meaning that it is very easy to find the optimum viewing position in the car. The arm is adjustable both on the horizontal and vertical plain.


Dual adhesive pads are fitted to the rear of the mounting plate and hold your chosen gadget securely. These pads are reusable and should they become dusty or dirty are simply cleaned by rinsing under water and leaving to dry.


The mount is suitable for use with devices with screens up to 5.5” and is adjustable at the rear of the mounting plate to expand to hold larger devices.


Attaching the oversized suction cup in the car is very simple and takes seconds to do. There is the option to simply stick the cup directly to the windshield or mounting it to the dashboard. To mount to the dash, you must clean the chosen area with the provided alcohol wipe, and then attach the suction cup base plate to the dash with the 3M double-sided pad.


This provides a secure and stable base for the Innotraveler to be coupled with, as well as avoiding the sticky, obvious ring mark the sucker leaves on the windshield.


I chose to mount the Innotraveler directly to the windshield and admit to being quite impressed with the grip of the suction pad, after a weeks use, there is no sign of the mount dropping off the screen, unlike other models I have trialed before. The grip is firm and the phone is held as steady as a rock, the rigid adjustable arms hold the mount robustly and there is no unnecessary bounce in the cradle. The sturdy arms and locking knobs provide a much more positive support than the bendy bars seen on rival products.


The adhesive pads do pick up fluff and dust quite quickly, and once they are contaminated the adhesion qualities are reduced quite significantly, however as mentioned above the refresh process is very simple and effective. Although the mount did hold my Otterbox case and the phone did not fall off, I had more confidence in the mount when the case was removed from the phone.


The Innotraveler is available online, for just under $30, at the Seidio store where you can find further information and a selection of high resolution images of the universal mount.


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