Review of iPhone 6 Plus Tech21 Classic bumper case

The Tech21 iPhone 6 Plus Classic Shell case is certainly the best bumper with clear back we have reviewed yet and while our hands-on with iPhone 6 cases like this has been limited so far, this is the best of the bunch to date. There’s a number of reasons for this, which include the Impactology technology and solid build quality.

After using this new Impactology case on an iPhone 6 Plus for about 2 weeks, we’ve been able to truly understand the benefits and any downfalls of using such a case. The Tech21 Classic Shell feels a lot more solid than another bumper cover we reviewed recently, also it fits really snug and isn’t lose like some iPhone 6 cases from other brands.


The impact protection feels and looks impressive, although you will either love the bumper that feels like something from a bumper car thanks to the added corner protection, or just hate it for adding the bulk at your phones sides. It’s hard to protect an iPhone 6 Plus and not add some bulk, although in our opinion you can count on this case adding as little bulk as it gets.


Our orange bumper version looked good on the darker iPhone 6 Plus. You will be able to choose from a range of colors when selecting your Tech21 Classic Shell cover.


Protection is focused on the sides and back of the Classic Shell and features a premium TPU formula within its material design. This will deliver abrasive resistance and great flexibility, but it’s the science that impresses with intelligent impact protection from shock absorbing D3O material.


You can also opt for the Classic Shell with cover, so you can benefit from added screen protection from the flip-over cover. This will certainly help if you could be prone to knocks or drops on the front of your iPhone 6. The flip-cover model costs £34.99 in the UK on, which is a little more than the £29.99 for the case without a flip-cover that we have reviewed.


The images above and below reveal a close-up with our iPhone 6 Plus camera when it’s in the Tech21 case. You can see some great protection around the new iPhone 6 camera lens, which allows for plenty of room for both lens and flash. You’ll also notice the raised camera lens introduced with iPhone 6 and this is protected while in the case.


If you love the back of iPhone 6’s design, then you either want to purchase a full bumper with no back protection or a clear case like the Tech21 Classic bumper. As you can see in the photo above, the back is protected but also seen through a clear back.


Another image below reveals what the iPhone 6 Plus looks like in our hand when fitted into Tech21’s Classic bumper case. Again, you will love or hate such a bright orange color and of course can select a different color if needed.


The next couple of images reveal both the ports on the bottom and switch on the side of an iPhone 6 Plus. These ports are easy to access when the case is installed, and we didn’t have any problems charging the case as well. This is an issue we have had with other cases that weren’t well thought out.



Overview of Impactology technology – this is one of the main selling points for the Tech21 cases with Impactology. It basically combines pioneering innovation and advanced science to deliver something unique to this brand, which brings with it a new level of protection.

Impactology is all about the D3O impact material and the molecules inside. If you don’t knock your phone during everyday use then the “molecules flow freely”, but if there’s some kind of heavy impact then they spread the shock evenly while absorbing the impact force. Impactology’s D3O ingredient is all about the intelligent molecular structure and non-Newtonian polymer.


We have included a couple of Tech21’s official videos below this article, which look at how Impactology works and also reveals quick installation tips for their cases. You can also see the key features for this case below.

Key Features:

  • A slim-fitting design
  • Access to all functions of iPhone 6 Plus
  • Flip-over screen cover integrated with scientifically proven D3O impact material (flip-cover model only)
  • An advanced TPU formula renowned for its excellent flexibility and abrasive resistance
  • Scientifically proven D3O impact material which absorbs and dissipates impact

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