Review of four iPhone 7 Terrapin cases for various uses

We have already reviewed various iPhone 7 cases, all of which have their advantages, but we have yet to see what Terrapin has to offer – until now that is. We were recently sent four iPhone 7 Terrapin cases for a hands-on review, which are the Genuine Leather Wallet in Black, the Polka Dot Wallet in Red along with the Low Profile Wallet with Stand, also in Black, and finally the Full Body Shock Resistant Armour Case in Gold.

You will see just by the images that these are not the most expensive iPhone 7 cases on the market, and this is what we like about these options from Terrapin, as you get to protect your handset, while also doing it on a budget. Before we take a closer look at each case, it’s worth noting that if you are looking for something of a very high, premium quality, then you might want to give these cases a miss.


We already reviewed a leather case for the iPhone 7, and so was very interested to see what the Terrapin Apple iPhone 7 leather cover could offer. Ok, so even though the leather does not feel as good in terms of quality, and does not seem to be hand-stitched, we can tell right away that the leather is more robust. We say this because the Moncabas Vintage Wallet is already showing up scratches – although not a bad thing because it adds to the character.


Right away we could tell the leather used on Terrapin’s case does not scratch so easy, and so perfect for those that want to keep that new, fresh look. Putting the phone in the case is pretty simple, but not so easy when trying to take it out. We have actually started to worry because so many of the iPhone 7 cases seem to be like this, and have to be extra careful when removing the phone from these cases we review.


What we liked about this case was how we were able to leave the wallet at home and store 3 cards in here easily, and so a debit card, a driving licence and a Costa Card, along with another space for a few notes, amongst other things. Ok, so this did make the case a bit more bulkier, but saves carrying a phone case and wallet with you.


There are some cases like this out there that seems to flap open, but not so with this one because it has a magnetic strap to keep the cover closed, and so helping to protect the screen on your iPhone.

Overall, this is a very good case/wallet for the price, which is £14.25, more details of which can be found on the Terrapin website. However, we did find that while the camera cutout did not cause any issues when taking photos in the day, it did when taking a picture in low light, as the flash seems to reflect off the cutout, and so pretty much ruining the shot.


Sticking with a case like this, we were also sent the Terrapin super chic Apple iPhone 7 wallet case, although it’s worth noting this is made from a synthetic leather. While the case above did cater more for either men or women, you can see right away that this one is for women, as its Polka Dot design pretty much gives that away. You get the same amount of storage space, although there is an extra flap to make it look more like a purse when closed.


While it does have a slightly cheaper look to it, we do like the addition of a carry strap, something that will appeal to women. What we also liked when compared to the other wallet was just how easy it was to slot the phone in to the case, because it’s made from a softer materiel and so has some give in it. Do not worry though because the phone still sits in there tightly with no fear of falling out.


Overall, this is a very sturdy wallet, which doubles as a purse, although a small zip compartment would have been handy for loose change. If you do not want to spend a great deal of money, but still want a semi-premium iPhone 7 case, then this one is certainly worth considering, especially as Terrapin wants just £10.99 for it.


You will notice a pattern emerging here, as each of these iPhone 7 wallet cases are getting lower in price, and also in quality, although this is great for those with a smaller budget, or those of you that really do not need anything as bulky as the other two options above. So here we have the Terrapin iPhone 7 Leather Case Wallet Flip Cover, which is of an ultra slim fit design, and also comes with a viewing stand, two card slots and is black in colour.


While this case might be that bit more flimsy, we were still impressed with its quality, and even though it would not offer a great deal of protection, you can rest assured that it will be protected from general scratches thanks to the thin cover over the screen. The fit is decent enough, and was also easy to remove the phone, although what we did like was the added benefit of its stand feature, meaing you can watch videos and not having to hold it or placing it flat down on the surface.


Overall, we were very impressed with its design, and the benefit of the magnetic strap, and also how the synthetic leather is just high enough that when you place your phone down the camera lens is not resting on the surface. Ok, so it’s not the most premium case out there, but this is not what this cover is all about, and its £8.95 reflects that. For more details please visit the Terrapin website.


Now for somehting completely different, as this is not a wallet, but simply an iPhone 7 Full Body Shock Resistant Armour Case from Terrapin. This is nothing like some of the other shock resistant cases we have reviewed, such as the Ballistic Jewel Ice Series or the Tech21 iPhone 7 Impact Clear Case. However, it is more similar to the Zizo Bolt Series case, although the one from Terrapin is less bulky.

With no phone slotted inside the case you will notice just how thin it is, and so you know right away that its drop protection will not be anything like those others we already reviewed. However, the silicone and hard polycarbonate construction works well together and offers more protection than you might think. Once again, we found this case very easy to slip around our handset, and also removing the iPhone 7 was very simple.


During our hands-on review we were out in the rain and usually some cases do not offer any sort of grip, and so there is a fear the phone could slip out of your hand, but the exterior has a grippy silicone at certain points, which reduces the risk of it slipping from your hand. We also likes the silicone on the rear of the case because this has the added feature of stopping it from slipping on flat surfaces, and so if it’s at a slight angel, it will not fall off that flat surface.


There’s also a cool kickstand, which means you can watch videos without the need to keep holding it, or looking down at a strange angle and hurting your neck in the process.


Overall, this might not be of a premium design, but it’s a tough case that offers a decent amount of protection for such a small price – although just don’t try to put it to the test and drop it from a height. In terms of price, you will pay just £6.95, more details of which are available from Terrapin.

There you have it, four cases for your iPhone 7, all of which will not cost you much at all, and so the choice is now up to you.


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