Primark Unveils New The Nightmare Before Christmas Range

Primark has launched many new ranges over the last few years in partnership with other brands and some of the most popular have been Disney, so it’s not surprising that their latest launch has caused a lot of excitement. The fashion and home retailer has unveiled a new range of clothing and merchandise inspired by a classic movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas. We spotted the new range in-store and it features products across kids and adults clothing, as well as homeware.

As many Disney fans know, The Nightmare Before Christmas is a 1993 stop-motion animated musical film that was produced by Tim Burton. It’s popularity is still strong many years later, the film tells the story of Jack Skellington, who becomes bored and decides to take over Christmas instead. The characters of the movie include Sally, a ragdoll who falls in love with Jack, and Oogie Boogie, a villain who tries to ruin Jack’s plans in the movie.

The new Primark range features these characters, as you can see in the photos took above and below of the new products. Themed with the characters and scenes from the movie, and the range includes clothing for men and women again seen on this page. You can see the hooded Snuddies above and pyjamas, which we spotted new in the ladies section of Primark.

We’ve also included some of The Nightmare Before Christmas home range that you can see below. The full range includes Plush Decorations, Sally Hoodies, Faux Fur Slippers, Pet Outfits, Jack Skellington Mugs and more.

The new range has received some really positive reactions from fans of the film on Facebook, who are both excited and praising Primark for creating new ranges of products like this and reviving their love for different movies. One fan said, “I’m loving the new Primark The Nightmare Before Christmas range! I want it all, both cute and spooky!”.

As with many of the popular Christmas ranges, and thanks to The Nightmare Before Christmas having a loyal fan base, you can expect this new range to sellout fast. It will almost certainly have some people watching the most recent re-release from a couple of years ago.