Primark Expands Snuddie Range, Now With Homer Simpson

If you’re a fan of cosy Snuddies and throw over blankets, especially in the colder months, then you will love the new and expanded range Primark now has available. We spotted lots of new Snuddies now available in-store and even one for fans of The Simpsons, a new Men’s Homer Simpson Snuddie, as seen below.

New Men’s Homer Simpson Snuddie at Primark

They are perfect to snuggle up in as we move towards December and Christmas, so they even make lovely gifts every year. If you didn’t already know, a Snuddie is pretty much a cosy blanket, and the one above is one of Primark’s latest to the range. The retailer also launched a few others and expanded the whole collection with more stock, some new, some re-stocked from last year ready for the busy shopping season ahead.

We love the new Men’s Homer Simpson Snuddie with the iconic image of Homer disappearing into a bush, although the baby Yoda is also perfect for Star Wars fans and, which you can also see below. These were either in the ladies section, or men’s department for all are available for adults.

Baby Yoda Snuddie Primark

All of the Snuddies are made from a soft touch material, although be warned you could get very warm in them even in the colder months, but that will likely save on heating bills. They come with a hood and long sleeves, ideal to pair with some slippers when you need the ultimate relaxation time.

New Primark Adults Snuddie Collection

We’ve included an overall photo that includes some of the range, although there was many more, so it’s worth visiting your local store. These were spotted in the Westwood Cross store in Kent. Prices go up to around £25 and you can see the full range of Snuddies online at Primark.