Philips FC9920/69 unboxing of Ultimate Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

There’s plenty of reasons to get excited over the Philips FC9920/69 bagless cylinder vacuum cleaner, but does it live up to the feature hype? Filtering 99% of even the smallest particles, really easy to move around due to smooth wheels and lightweight design, and great dust collection on all floor types.

We’ll be finding out with our full hands-on review, although in this article we feature an unboxing with photos. This shows Product Reviews readers what you get inside the Philips FC9920/69 cylinder vacuum cleaner and how well the unit is packaged.


You will be reminded about the features of this “Ultimate” Bagless vacuum when unpacking the box and with specs cards inside. This aim to remind you that your purchase was a good one, stating Energy Class A, as well as features like Pet and Anti-Allergen.


Inside, you will see the accessories and main Philips cylinder vacuum cleaner is protected by cardboard and plastic. There’s no fragile pieces, so this is more than adequate with everything organised neatly.



The box contains a number of tools for reaching all areas of a room and head attachments for both carpet and hard floors. You’ll find a TriActiveMax nozzle, Hard floor nozzle, 2-in-1 brush/small nozzle, Crevice tool, and of course the main FC9920 unit.


You can see these components and the different nozzles in the photos above and below. This smaller brush will allow for cleaning desks, keyboards, and other sides.


As you’d expect, inside the box is a small instructions document that details how to connect the various tools and replace certain components like the filters. These are found from a small door at the rear of the main unit, also another inside after you remove the container that collects everything.


The instructions are really easy to follow and putting all attachments together only takes a few minutes.


Just make sure you use the correct nozzle for each floor type, make sure it’s the bulkier head for carpets and this will stop the hard floor nozzle from not working correctly by getting covered in carpet fibres.


The aim of this Philips FC9920 vacuum cleaner isn’t to just clean floors really well, but also to protect your home from allergens. Thanks to the enhanced features, it will help reduce allergy triggers throughout your home due to a smart filtration process. This means you’ll get ultra clean air with help from the “HEPA 13 Filter”.


There’s no need for a traditional dustbag, so that’s why you won’t find any within the box. The powerful suction performance is aided by “PowerCyclone 7 technology” and Nano clean technology will reduce any dust clouds from the 2.2L dust bucket, which can be seen with some other vacuums.


While we have only had a quick play, so far we noticed right away how smooth the FC9920 moved along both carpet and hard wood floors. It’s very lightweight, and the very long power lead (10m) is really welcomed to get you further without changing power sockets. We will explore all features in detail with our full review shortly, especially in regard to how the FC9920 performs with everyday use on both laminate and carpet.


Main Philips FC9920/69 Features:

  • Quality tested and approved by European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF)
  • Filters 99% of even the smallest particles, such as dust, pet hair and pollen
  • Easy to manoeuvre due to lightweight design and large 10 m operating radius
  • Maximum dust collection from all floor types with 3-in-1 nozzle
  • Releases cleaner air back into the home with the help of HEPA 13 filter

Now you’ve seen what’s inside the Philips FC9920/69 box, come back soon for our full review to find out if this really is the “Ultimate” bagless cylinder vacuum cleaner.


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