Olixar X2 Pro Headphones review – comfortable for long periods

Over the years we’ve reviewed many headphones, be it in-ear headphones, or those larger over-the-ear ones, and we have never based our reviews on our personal preference, but rather its overall audio quality, comfort over long periods and also value for money. While we do like to test out some of the latest models, it’s interesting to review some of the older model, such as the Olixar X2 Pro Bluetooth Stereo Headphones to see if they are still able to hold their own.


Mobile Fun were kind enough to send us a pair to review, and so have spent the past week or so with them testing them out. The packaging does not really leave you wondering what lies inside, as it’s clear and so you can see just what you are getting. This is a good thing in a way because you know right away that the weight of these headphones are rather light, and so should be positive in terms of them not feeling too heavy on the head with hours of use. There is usually a downside to headphones that are too light though, and that’s the fact the speakers are not usually able to produce high-end bass and tones.


On first impressions the Olixar X2 Pro are good for those of you that enjoy music, but want to use portable, lightweight, headphones. Some people are put off by headphones of this time, but for those sitting on the fence, well you might be pleasantly surprised.


First things first, and that is the use of Bluetooth 4.0 technology, which means you are not tied to a lead – so perfect if you have an iPhone 7 like we do, as there is no longer that 3.5mm Jack plug. You do have the option to use that standard plug, and so great you actually get the choose, especially if they run out of power. It has a maximum range of 10 metres, and so you do not need your device playing the music to even be that close to the headphones themselves. Storing these headphones are a lot easier thanks to them being foldable, and they are very easy to unfold into their listening position, and you get a satisfying click when they are in place.


There’s also (NFC Near-Field Communication) and so all you need to do is touch them against your supported device in order for them to connect to one another. We did try this and it was very simple to do, which was a godsend because there have been times in the past when we have had a complete nightmare paring our devices.


We would advise you to familiarise yourself with the layout of the controls, as it makes it much easier once they are on your head, otherwise you may struggle to turn the volume up or down, or pause or skip a track. These buttons are located on the left ear, and so only takes the use of the thumb to use them. It does not feel awkward in the slightest, which is good because we have used headphones before where it feels as though you have to get your fingers into an awkward position in order to make these sort of adjustments.


The overal design of these headphones are no different to others of its type, and so padding around the ear and also a padded headband to help increase comfort levels. They can also be adjusted so that they fit many head sizes, although these are not ideal for smaller children, as they do not reduce in size that much.


From that introduction it did leave us wondering just how good its audio quality was, and so you do have to try out a range of music in order to learn just what these Olixar X2 Pro Headphones are capable of. We find it’s great to try some general pop music, followed with some rock, jazz, dance and also a bit of swing and classical.


It’s always ideal to start things low and then if you wish turn things up a bit, as this way you get to see how much outside noise is being blocked out, which can be a good and a bad thing. We have to say that there is not much noise being blocked out when the volume is on a lower volume setting, which we think is a good idea because there is less chance of becoming too distracted if you are out and about listening to music, as it’s very easy to not hear things going on around you – very important if you are near traffic.


Most music does sound perfectly fine, and not too much bass going on, as we know that can become overpowering at times. When turning the volume up with a song with a lot of base in we were very surprised at how much it could handle, and shows that these headphones are a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It’s funny, as when listening to other music, such as soul we had no idea it was able to cope with such base. Ok, so we know that you are not all into base, but you can either turn the volume down, or use the equaliser to take the bass down and bring in some more tone instead.


There are some songs that seem to lose clarity when the volume is up high, and so you really need to learn the importance of using the equaliser when listening to different forms of music, and so this is not that much of an issue. However if you just like to put a pair of headphones and get a decent sound from a range of music, then these may not be for you.


Overall, we really did enjoy these headphones and we have to say are comfortable for long periods of time. We still prefer in-ear, but these are a good balance and far better for the general user when compared to some of the larger, heavier, and more expensive over-the-ear headphones. You will love on-ear controls, cushioned ear cup and headband, and 10 hours of music playback. However, make certain you do not run out of charge, as it will take 2.5 hours of charging time – unless you have that spare 3.5mm jack lead with you. While we are told that these headphones do come with Noise and Echo cancellation, we did not notice it as much as some of the more expensive brands – but like we said not really a bad thing.

If you are interested in these, then you should pay Mobile Fun a visit, where the Olixar X2 Pro price is £49.99, which considering what you get is not too expensive really.


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