Olixar 15,000mAh Powercharge Portable Charger review – monster power

Locating the Olixar Powercharge Portable Charger 15,000mAh model is not an easy task, as you can only really purchase it from one place, and that is Mobile Fun – you cannot even get this model direct from Olixar. We were very pleased when the online accessory store sent us this power bank to review because we are able to see just what’s so special.


We would just like to say we were sent this for free, although this did not change the way in which we reviewed this because it’s always best to be unbiased. First of all in terms of the packaging there is nothing really special to say, although this is a good thing in a way, because that way you cannot wait to get the actual product out to see what it’s all about.


So what is it? This might be a silly thing to ask, but there are those of you out there that have not had one of these devices before, and so felt it was a good thing to inform people just what it is. The Powercharge is pretty much a battery that you charge up in order to be able to charge other portable devices that are in need of power, such as a smartphone, tablet or even a laptop.


What’s really impressive is the battery capacity, which is 15,000mAh, and so Olixar states is able to charge your phone up to 10 times, which is very impressive and far more than the Belkin MIXIT Metallic Power Pack 6600 that we recently reviewed.


The design of the power bank is slick and is a dark grey in colour, and is rather heavy. However, one thing that it does have going against it compared to the Belkin is that it’s made from plastic – just imagine how much heavier it would be if it was made from metal?


The portable battery comes with a micro USB connector to USB type-A plug, and so you are already set to charge many Android devices. If you have an iPhone, you will need to use another cable, although the one provoked for you from Apple can often be too long, and so maybe you might wish to purchase a shorter lead. The device has power indicator LED lights so you know just how much charge is left, there’s a power button to start the charging process and also a 5V 2.1A Out and 5V 1A Out ports.


It’s great to have these two ports, as you are able to charge two devices simultaneously. Just remember that when it comes to charging this device up you need to use the Micro USB cable that come in the box and either connect it to a powered USB port from a laptop/desktop computer, or into a mains USB.


You will know when it has reached its maximum charge just by pressing the power button, as all the LED lights will illuminate. We will warn you that it does take some time in order to get this device fully charged, although this is something to be expected considering its 15,000mAh capacity.

There’s not really too much we can say about this device because it is really just a portable battery, and so not much going on in terms of features. Such a device is perfect for those of you that will be going places where you know it will be hard to charge your portable devices, such as camping, or on long walks where you know you will be taking a huge number of photos and sharing them socially on the go.

Ok, we know there are other, cheaper, smaller portable chargers out there, but none will come close to offering this amount of recharge power. In terms of its dimensions these are 142 x 75 x 18mm. Now is the all-important part, and that’s the Olixar Powercharge price, and Mobile Fun will offer this 15,000mAh Portable Charger to you for £49.99.


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