Nuimo Review – Innovative smart home automation controller

Here we have the Nuimo made by Sentic, in this hands-on review we’ll be talking about how it will make your life just that little bit easier, with a touch-sensitive hands free scroll wheel this can manage to stream music, connect to your light and much more.


This innovative smart home controller became successful back in early 2015 through a crowdfunding project, they’ve come up with this idea on how to make peoples lives easier when in the house, therefore this hi-tech piece of machinery has become centre of attention.


When it comes to the packaging past companies haven’t reached the expectations however, this company has. They’ve thought this out very well for such a small box everything you need has been placed and compacted very well.


Once everything has been unboxed and laid out, to make sure all of the items are there that you need, you’ll find the Nuimo, a manual guide, a USB charging cable and a micro-fiber cleaning cloth.


On the back of the Nuimo it’s magnetic that means you can place this on anything that holds it, for instance a fridge, a gesture sensor has been built-in allowing you to freely move your hands up and down. This comes in handy when you have you hands full. This is also where you’ll find the Power Button and Charging Port.


As you can see in the picture above, this smart controller has a dot-matrix display showing a musical note for when you have your smartphone connected however, when you connect to your lights a bulb will appear, everything is controlled by a rotating dial.


The Nuimo App – In the image below we’ve installed the Nuimo icon this has been installed onto an iPhone 6, you’ll be able to find this available to download on Android, by simply installing from the App Store on iOS and Google Play for Android.


Once downloaded, the Nuimo app will take you to the home page however, it won’t ask you for any of your details to sign up unlike previous companies. When you click, “lets get started” you will be taken to the next page that is shown in the picture above.

This is the page where the Nuimo will find you smartphone or any other devices such as Apple TV.


By swiping on the display with your finger side to side it moves between functions, this is for skipping and rewinding your favourite songs also by tapping on the face of the Nuimo controls, things such as play/pause and turning lights on and off can take place.


Type 1 Volume – We’ve named this Type 1 volume due to there being two different ways in controlling the volume, this way you are able to rotate the dial, left is decreasing and right is increasing the volume.


Type 2 Volume – Type 2 volume in our opinion is the best one out of the two, by raising your hand you’ll increase the sound of the music and by lowering you’ll decrease the sound, this’s great if you’ve got dirty hands and need to adjust the volume.


Once you’ve finished with the Nuimo place it back onto the magnetic plate, not to mention you can screw this into place anywhere within your home making it just like a detachable light switch.


The Senic Nuimo will last for around two weeks of a single charge, to recharge you’ll have to use a micro-USB cable that comes packed in the box. The photo above demonstrates the unit being charged via a USB cable connected to a laptop, although you can use an optional adapter with this also.

Main Features

  • High precision glass bead-blasted aluminum ring, double-hardened acrylic touch surface, contactless gesture control
  • Rechargeable battery with a typical duration of up to two weeks thanks to Bluetooth Low Energy.
  • Requires an active Bluetooth connection to Android TV / Amazon Fire TV or iPhone, iPad or Android Smartphone
  • Included Accessories: Magnetic Wall Mount, USB Cable and Microfiber Cleaning Cloth.

The Nuimo was made and designed in Germany and below you can see exactly how it’s put together with the quality materials used.


Final Thought – Currently the Senic Nuimo is on Amazon for just under £170, this won’t suit all budgets, but those looking for the unique features and technology might not think twice about purchasing. The Senic Nuimo is a great way to control your music, lights and all kinds of apps at the same time with minimum effort.

ALSO – Don’t forget, if you’d like to see the Nuimo in action please feel free too look at the Youtube video placed at the bottom of our review.


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