Nodus Shell and Access Case 2 review for iPhone 7 with magnetic Micro Doc

Having already reviewed two wallets from Nodus, the company was also generous enough to send us a couple of iPhone 7 cases as well. We have reviewed several cases for Apple’s new phone over the last couple of month’s with some of them being more for those on a budget, and some of which ideal for those wishing to spend that bit more to protect their handset. The Nodus Shell case and Access Case 2 for the iPhone 7 falls into the higher end of the market because of them being finished in full/top grain vegetable tanned Italian leather, along with the unique Mirco Doc system as well.


Well these two cases are very similar in one sense, they are very different also, which you will learn further into this review. You will also learn that we have a fondness for one more than the other because it’s more practical for our needs – although like everything, this always comes down to personal preference.


Hands-on review of the Nodus Shell Case for the iPhone 7 – While the packaging might be simple because of it being just a cardboard box, this is great because it can be easily recycled – unlike those cases that are vacuum formed. Inside the case is a soft satchel bag hiding the case itself, which can also be used to clean the screen on your phone. We also had an Alcohol Prep Pad and Micro Dock inside.


The case itself is very slim and what we liked was how easy it was to clip our iPhone 7 in. Removing was a little tougher, although it’s not often we will be removing this case because we like it so much. Do not think for one moment that we are praising this case because it was given to us for review, because you will see by reading some of our previous reviews that when we find a fault and do not like it, we will inform our readers of the fact.


If you like a case to have a premium feel, then you will love the vegetable tanned Italian leather shell, and you do not even notice the seamless magnetic docking, which is hidden away in the rear of the case. While this will not protect you from high impacts, it’s more than enough to protect your phone from light bumps thanks to its shock absorbing polycarbonate core. The buttons are also covered over, and so adding just a little more protection – although you may find it hard to use the mute switch if you bite your nails, as it is enclosed too much into the case with not much space to fit your finger in.


Ok, so we know that this case does hide the sexy matt black finish if our iPhone 7, although you still get to see all of the front along with most of the top and bottom, and so just leaves that little bit for the imagination. The icing on the cake is the Magsure Magnetic Shielding, which protects your phone from magnetic interference, something that is needed when using the Magnetic Micro Dock.


It’s that small product that makes this case worth paying the extra for because you will see from the images and also the video we have embedded below that it adds another element to the Steel Case. We placed the Dock on the dash of our car, which we first cleaned with the provide wipe, and now every time we enter the car the case gets placed on the dash, and automatically sync to the cars Bluetooth system.


This means we are able to see who is calling and refuse the call if needed, and also use the sat-nav on the iPhone 7 rather than get the TomTom out. We have done hundreds of miles driving with the case placed onto the Magnetic Dock and not once has it fallen off. In terms of price, colour and availability, these cases come in Chestnut Brown, Ebony Black, Dark Teal and Taupe Grey. In terms of price you will have to pay £54.95 and are due to be dispatched the week beginning 5th December. You can order yours now from NODUS.


The Access Case 2 Portfolio version for the iPhone 7 is very different in the way that you do not snap your phone into a case as such, but rather just attach it using Micro Suction Technology. To be honest we were a little skeptical, and for good reason because when we were doing the photos of this in the car, our new iPhone 7 actually fell out of the case and onto the footwell. However, do not let this put you off because this was the one and only time it happened, and was more due to the fact the phone was not cleaned with the special wipe provided to get rid of any residue grease.


We know that some of you will prefer this case more because of two added benefits, the front screen protection with the flip cover, and the second is the inner utility pocket enabling you to carry up to three cards and some notes if you need to have cash on you. If you do not wish to carry a separate wallet with you, then this is the ideal case for you, as you have your phone and your essential cards with you for a night out.


However, we would still advise you to be careful because of that suction system, and therefore only use this case if you do not plan on doing anything that could allow the phone to start slipping.


The finish is the very same as the other case, and so are the colours. We also have to point out that you are able to order both cases for the iPhone 6/6s, and also the Plus model. Along with the iPhone 7 Plus as well. As for price, NODUS is selling the Access Case 2 for £54.95 as well. These will also start to ship the week commencing December 5, 2016.


Given the choice of the two, it would have to be the Shell Case all the way, although this is just our personal preference. Please let us know your thoughts on these cases in the comments section below. If you would like any replacement Micro Docks then you can buy then HERE with prices starting from £19.99 for 2.


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