Nintendo Switch UK Tesco Bundle in Hands-on Review

Over the weekend we got hands-on with the Nintendo Switch, and in our review it’s featuring a UK bundle purchased from Tesco. There’s a number of bundles available, although this was one we opted for thanks to the good price of £289 on Tesco Direct. It included the Nintendo Switch Console, selected Game and Joy-Con Comfort Grips in that price.

It’s worth noting that prices may change, they are correct at time of publication, also options of the selected game and console can also change. The game we got in this Nintendo Switch Neon / Blue bundle is Mario Rabbids Kingdom Battle.

You can see a quick look of the Mario Rabbids Kingdom Battle game in the photo below, which shows a couple of screenshots. It’s worth pointing out this version of Mario is more for those who like a strategy game, not the platform type famous in arcades and on the original console.

Nintendo Switch UK Unboxing and Initial Setup – In this article, we will only giving the Switch bundle we purchased an unboxing and review of the initial setup after turning the console on.

As mentioned above, we also got the Joy-Con Comfort Grip that provides a more comfortable grip for the Joy-Con controllers. They are very lightweight and certainly welcome for longer game sessions, we found them really easy to slide each Jon-Con in with a secure fit.

If you’re not that tech-savvy, Nintendo have made it easy for you setup your new Switch console and controller. This is thanks to a simple diagram on the box, which you see the moment you open the box, and it describes how to quickly setup the Switch and get gaming. It’s pretty basic, but we recommend you just take a quick look at this before plugging everything in.

You can see the contents of everything included in the box below, you should find a UK AC adapter, HDMI cable, Nintendo Switch console and dock, Joy-Con controllers in Neon and Blue for this version, Joy-Con straps, Joy-Con grip, and a leaflet.

Below is a closer look at the main console and Joy-Con controllers, which we’d like to add look stunning in Neon and Blue. Personally, this is by far the better option to go for.

The Joy-Con controllers simply slot in either side of the main console, or onto the sides of the comfort controller.

You will find a number of ports on the main console, as shown in the close ups below. There’s also volume buttons and a power button on the side, a headphone jack, and slot for the Nintendo Switch game cards to go inside.

Inserting game cards is really easy with the Nintendo Switch console, you simply open the game card slot and push in until you hear a click. This is pretty much the same as you do with all memory expansion cards in cameras and other devices.

Let’s get the Nintendo Switch turned on – Once you’re ready, you can slot the Joy-Con controllers on the side of the console and turn it on, as seen below.

Strangely enough, after turning on you’ll have the option to connect the Nintendo Switch up to your big screen television. If you want to give this a go, rather than playing as a handheld, then simply follow the on screen instructions to get the console dock connected first.

Once you’ve gone through the process of setting up the power and HDMI cables to the console dock, and then docked the Nintendo Switch, you’ll see a success message displayed on the big screen.

The on-screen instructions would have also asked you to slot the Joy-Con controllers on the side of the controller grip, as shown below, so you’ll be ready to get playing your first game.

Now you are ready to set an icon and nickname before getting started with your first game. For us, Mario Rabbids Kingdom Battle was first thanks to it being included in this bundle from Tesco, although we quickly jumped onto FIFA 18 next.

You can also purchase FIFA 18 for Nintendo Switch on Tesco Direct, or feel free to take a look at the whole Nintendo Switch range at Tesco. We hope you enjoyed a closer look at the Switch in our unboxing and if you’re a newbie, now have a better idea of what the Switch looks like in person.


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