Musaic MP10 Review – Wireless Multi-Room Smart Speaker

Over these past couple of days we’ve been hands-on reviewing the MP10 Wireless Multi-Room Smart Speaker, being able to connect to Wi-fi, Bluetooth and many other ways you will have no problem in missing out on your favourite albums.


The front of the box has been kept to a plain look with very minimal information and pictures, however, it does stand out from the crowd with it’s bright orange colour this is sure to gain your attention on the shop floor.


On the back you will find all the possible ways of connecting the Musaic MP10 to your chosen device, with this multi-room speaker you are able to connect to anything possible.


Packaging – When opening the box you’ll notice how well everything has been packed and protected, this wireless speaker is in a thin plastic wallet and polystyrene each side you know for sure it’s protected by any falls. Not only is the Musaic MP10 well packed but so are the wires, they are all in individual packets preventing them from tangling.


Unboxing – Once you have taken everything out of the box take a minute to make sure everything you need is there, this is essential.

In a nutshell you will receive the Musaic MP10 wireless speaker, instructions manual, a cable that connects to the another cable with an adaptor head and a abroad cable for if you are going abroad. We were very impressed in the way everything was packed and with very little items you are sure not to loose anything.


First Look – The image above and below show how well the Musaic MP10 has been designed, with it being black and silver this will go with all types of different furniture, causing it to blend in. This Multi-Room smart speaker can fit almost anywhere within your home, however, there is a disadvantage if you wanted to take this anywhere with you outside of the house you would most probably find yourself taking a extra bag due to how big it is.


When looking from the side you’ll notice this speaker doesn’t only project sound from the front but also from the the side giving a louder and more crisp sound when listening to your music.


The Musaic MP10 comes with a instruction manual, it tells you how to turn on the speaker and to connect is different ways these are, through a plug in PSU, via the Wi-Fi, AUX cable or by using a ethernet cable. We really was astonished from all of these ways you can listening to your music, it was all so simple.


Before getting hands-on with the Musaic MP10, peal back the plastic protection that is stopping the buttons from gaining any scratches, this is placed in the right top hand corner.

Once connected to your chosen power source you will notice a red light will appear below the power button, to enable power place you thumb/finger over the button and wait for the light to change pink, you’ll notice all of the button options are touch-sensitive.


If you have chosen the Bluetooth option hold down the button and wait for it to turn blue, shown in the picture above, in our opinion this is the best way of connecting due to it being very straight forward and easy meaning you can listen to your music quickly when in a hurry.

Sound – The sound quality of the MP10 is well worth the upgrade compared to MP5, as it takes the audio quality to the next level and beyond the price given, with its dedicated low-frequency and seamlessly with treble/mid units you sure will be blown away. We took this speaker into the kitchen and connected via Bluetooth and the music gave us a first good impression, following us around the room without getting too blurred or lost.

With features such as fully digital amplification and outputting 60W across two 45mm high-frequency/midrange drivers to the side of a centrally positioned 90mm front-firing subwoofer.

Not only is the handle for carrying, but it’s also disguised as a bass port to further add aid low frequency reproduction and this is intended for deep, low-pitched sounds to gain that heavy bass.

When comparing the MP5 to the MP10’s performance, the latter’s sound is a lot more grown-up due to instruments and vocals, especially when we look at the treble. You will find no problems in listening to the lead singer of your favorite tracks and still hearing the music as it should be, really clear audio with smoother edges and natural sounding bass.


Turning to the back of this speaker you will find placed in the middle all of the ports and different ways of connecting that include an Ethernet port, reset button, USB power output, mains input, and WPS wi-fi button. Located just above these is a bass port/handle.


The image above shows a non-slip surface meaning you can place this speaker anywhere and have no second thoughts on whether it’s going to slip and fall.


Musaic App on Android and iOS – You can use this intuitive Music app to stream music around your house in true HiFi quality, you can also connect Music to lighting systems and other products to create yourself a smart home, this is very easy to set up. From the app you’ll be able to play music from your smartphone, tablet or any other device by storing music to a collection of your chosen favourite songs, this allows you to listen to thousands of internet radio stations and podcasts from all over the world too.

The Musaic app can be downloaded for free on the App Store for iOS devices like the iPhone, or via the Play Store if you’re on Android.


Once the app has installed onto your device open with a tap, and you’ll be taken to the homepage there is no log in details needed, on here you can notice from the image above there are many options to choose from. Simply connect your device to the Musaic MP10 and you’re away, it really is that simple!

Main Features:

  • Can be connected to smart lighting systems such as Philips Hue and LightwaveRF or hundreds of other products via IFTTT to create an equally simple to set up smart home
  • Maximises the sound quality of almost any file type including 24-bit for the ultimate in high-fidelity
  • The larger Musaic smart speaker with a built-in subwoofer. Play music from your phone, tablet, stored music collections, internet radio and your favourite streaming apps such as Spotify
  • Quick and simple to set up, supports Wi-Fi, Ethernet and Bluetooth for ultimate flexibility
  • Wide, atmospheric sound with deep bass to fill any room and sound natural from any listening angle
  • Quick and simple to set up, supports Wi-Fi, Ethernet and Bluetooth for ultimate flexibility

Final Thought – We really enjoyed reviewing the Musaic MP10 wireless multi-room smart speaker and while we’ve been hands-on with other wireless speakers this is by far up the very top.

The Musaic MP10 really does blow your mind when it comes to sound quality, with the added bonus of this speaker being part of a multi-room gives you that opportunity to listen to your favourite albums and tracks wherever you are in the house. The only downside that we can see is the price, at just under £370 on Amazon (at the time of posting), although on the other hand we still think this is a good buy however, budget buyers may think differently.


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