M&S Launch New Chocolate Coated Custard Creams

Marks and Spencer is a British retailer known for their quality food and clothing, so it wouldn’t surprise you to learn they’ve launched another food product that is building in popularity across social channels and shoppers around the UK. The new chocolate coated custard creams are a twist on the classic British biscuit, which feature a buttery sandwich biscuit filled with a rich custard cream and covered in smooth milk chocolate.

The new product is part of the M&S Extremely Chocolatey range, which includes other chocolate coated biscuits such as digestives, shortbread, and ginger snaps. We spotted the chocolate coated custard creams in-store, as you can see below, and they look amazing! Currently £2.50 per packet in M&S stores and online at the likes of Ocado.

M&S New Chocolate Coated Custard Creams

The new product has already received lots of positive feedback from customers who have given their take on social media. One customer wrote on Facebook: “Just got these can’t wait to try them’, and joined over 1,600 others commenting on Money Saver by Dansway’s post. Another said, “Just tried the new M&S chocolate coated custard creams, wow! They’re amazing! So creamy and chocolatey” There’s lot more customers giving their feedback on both Instagram with similar positive reviews, explaining they are “The best biscuits ever! M&S have done it again!”

However, some customers feel they are just regular custard creams dipped in chocolate, although not all those giving this opinion have tried them yet.

M&S has assured customers that the biscuits are not just custard creams in disguise, but a luxury biscuit offering. A spokesperson for M&S said customers can rest assured the biscuits remain their own luxury recipe covered in milk chocolate.

This isn’t the first time M&S has experimented with different flavours and varieties of biscuits. You may remember the limited edition range of festive flavoured custard creams a few years ago, which included flavours of cranberry and orange, mince pie and spiced apple.

M&S is also known for some interesting food products, such as the Percy Pig range and Colin the Caterpillar cake jars, and yoga bunnies. If you love a biscuit with your tea or coffee, then these will likely be a hit with your friends and family, or even to gift to someone special this Christmas.