iPhone 6s Tech21 Impact Clear Case and Evo Glass Screen Protector review

Even though the iPhone 7 is due out, it does not mean that people will all of a sudden forget about the iPhone 6s for various reason. The first is that some people are only a year into their contract, and still have another year to go, or the fact that they just do not feel an upgrade is worth it, as they were hoping for an updated design with the new model.

The good thing for those of you still happy to stick with their iPhone 6s, or even purchase a new one rather than the iPhone 7 is because of the sheer number of cases that are available for it. Ok, so we know that the 6s cases will fit the new model, although there will be that unnecessary hole at the bottom where the headphone jack would usually be.


While we still have an iPhone 6s to use, we were happy when Tech21 offered to send us a couple of their products to help add some much-needed protection. The new range for the iPhone 7 will surely been in even more demand seeing as though the price of the new model has increased because of how the exchange rates worksalthough some people will tell you that it also comes down to Apple’s greed at the prospect of them finally having to pay the correct amount of tax in Europe.


Anyway, back to the review, and the two products sent to us are the Tech21 Impact Clear Case and Evo Glass Screen Protector, both of which give you just the right amount of protection for everyday use. If you are looking to do more things where you know your handset is likely to come under more stress, then you may wish to consider the Evo Explorer Case, seeing as tough it’s waterproof, dustproof and comes with class leading impact protection.


There are some cases out there that claim to offer impact protection for a cheaper price, but there are two main issues here, they seem to be bulkier, and also heavier, and so does not conform to Tech21’s moto of “Protection Made Intelligent.” With that being said, it’s time to offer our verdict on a hands-on review of each product – although its always tougher to give a huge amount of insight when it comes to reviewing glass covers offering screen protection.


First up we have the Impact Clear Case, and you can always count on Tech21 to offer you top quality packaging. It’s white in colour with subtle lettering and white embossed wording. There is also a red tag that you use in order to pull out the drawer that reveals the case itself. It might seem over the top to some of you, but at least most of it can be recycled. Taking the case out is very simple, as is placing the phone inside the case itself. We have reviewed so many phone cases over the years, and some of them feel as though they just want to put too much stress on the buttons, and you fear that some damage could be caused if doing that too many times.


There are no such issues with the Tech21 Impact Clear Case for the iPhone 6, and once you have the phone and case in your hand you do feel far more confidant about carrying your handset with you. There is also that added benefit that it does not feel too bulky while in your pocket, as this is a constant issue with similar cases. Like we say, Tech21 does do bulkier ones, but this is ideal for everyday use, where you fear you could accidentally bump your phone.


We do find it funny when other reviews suggest this looks like a cheap case, although found it to be the very opposite. We do not find this cheap looking in the slightest, and its minimalist look only adds to the allure of its design.


Sticking with its design for now, it’s not exactly clear, as it has a slight translucent to it, and with it weighing just 20g, it does not add too much extra weight to your iPhone 6s. It feels very slick in the hand and offers only a small amount of extra grip, as we know the handset can be a bit on the slippery side, and so this is a very welcome feature. You will notice however, that the clear back will start to show some form of wear and tear sooner than you would get on the likes of their Evo Tactical, Check and Sport cases. Having said that, if you are careful, then this will not become too much of an issue.


In regards to its protection, you do get the urge to drop your phone just to put its drop rating of 1.5 metres to the test, although we thought best not. However, we have seen several videos on YouTube doing that very thing and tend to back up Tech21’s rating. While this is not as much as absorbing protection as other case, we do not know how many people’s pockets are around 5 feet high, as this is usually the height that people tend to drop their phones at – so you can feel safe in the knowledge that your iPhone 6s should not get damaged. Like we said above though, if you are looking for something with increased protection, then the Evo Explorer Case might be the better option for you.


Sticking with protection; there is none for the screen itself, and so if dropped you could find you have a scratch or two on the display. This is where the Evo Glass Screen Protector comes in, which is said to offer the world’s most advanced screen protection. It does take some time before placing the protector onto your screen, as it cannot be rushed. You have to make certain that you clean it off with the provided cloth, and then place it gently into place – although making certain you remove the clear plastic first, and then carefully set in place. We have had trouble in the past with similar products, but this one from Tech21 went on with no drama, and was easy to get rid of any air bubbles left behind after being put in place.


The quality of this screen protector is first-class and measure 0.4mm think, or thin as the case may be. Once in position we had no issues with the touchscreen whatsoever, and still feels natural to the touch, just like the screen on the handset itself. We had the protector on for a few days, where it was kept in a pocket, and also tested being placed in a handbag, where you know a phone is rubbed up against all sorts of things, such as keys, a purse and whatever else women store in those Tardis like things. One of the reasons why this has such great protection performance is because it’s made from tempered glass, and has high precision polishing and etching techniques to help deliver impact protection that is said to be unrivalled, and after using it for several days, we do tend to agree with that claim.


    Main features for the iPhone 6s Tech21 Impact Clear Case are:

  • Comfortable and precise access to all ports and function buttons
  • Easy to install and remove – without scratching
  • Everyday drop protection from 1.5 m / 5 ft
  • Incredibly thin and completely clear
  • Scratch and smudge resistant


    Main features for the Tech21 Evo Glass Screen Protector for the iPhone 6s:

  • Durable scratch and smudge resistance
  • Easy bubble free application
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Natural feel
  • Smooth, precise touchscreen interaction
  • Ultra thin and crystal clear
  • Unrivalled impact protection


Overal Impression: We love the fact the Impact Clear is slimmer than other cases of its type and is easy to put on and take off, along with having a snug fit. You also get to appreciate the beauty of your iPhone 6s thanks to the almost clear finish, and we had no issues at all accessing the ports, buttons and switch. While it does offer extra grip, it’s not as much as we would have liked, and the lip around the screen could have been a fraction higher as to make certain if dropped there is less chance of the screen getting damaged. In terms of price, this will cost you £29.95.

As for the Tech21 Evo Glass Screen Protector for the same phone, we do love the fact that it was able to withstand the abuse that a phone can go through while in a handbag, and also how it did manage to reduce the number of smudges that is very common on the iPhone 6s. We also loved how easy it was to remove it and placed back on again. However, what we did find awkward was getting the screen protector in the correct position the first time around, as there was no location tool. It does require some steady hands, but if you do not, that added benefit of being removed easily will come in handy. In terms of value for money, some may say that the £29.95 price is a bit on the expensive side, but if you go to trade-in your handset in a year’s time and it has a few scratches on the screen, you will notice its value drop far more than the price you had paid for the screen protector, and so it does seem like good value for money in that respect.


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