Iceworks Power Bank Charger review for Apple, Samsung

Over this past week or so we’ve kindly been given the chance to have a hands-on with the Iceworks 5000mAh Power Bank charger and this is our review, which we mostly used with an Apple iPhone 6, although it’s compatible with Samsung and other devices. Featuring a slim and stylish design, you’ll have no trouble in worrying about your smartphone running out of battery whilst on the move.


Before we even started our Iceworks Power Bank charger review, it needed to be unboxed and this allows us to see how well the company behind the device has taken care with packing, so the end user gets their product delivered undamaged. You’ll notice in the photo below that the power bank has been packed with a plastic surrounding preventing any damage whilst in storage.


As we unboxed the Iceworks Power Bank we noticed several items were laying underneath and the first thing we noticed is there isn’t a lot of items, we were quick to find out why this was. The charging adapter wires for iPhone and Android devices are built into the unit itself, meaning only the units power cable is needed within the box.


You can see how little is included within the box above, along side just an instructions manual and small cable. Further on within our review, you’ll notice close-ups of the charging cables for iOS and MicroUSB devices. Considering during our hands-on time we used the Power Bank charger for an Apple device, iPhone 6, the built-in cable proved useful to a point.


With a gunmetal grey design looking like a plastic slab, the Iceworks power bank has a very similar look to any smartphone, with just being 8mm thick, 67mm wide and 134mm long you’ll have no problem slipping this into you pocket or handbag. When holding the charger it’s very comfortable and easy to hold behind your smartphone when charging.


The Iceworks power bank has two built-in cables either side these are Micro-USB and a lighting cable, which are located in both right hand corners on the power bank, one either side, this is by-far more portable than other power banks that we’ve reviewed in the past due to having no need to carry around extra cables.


We had a few minutes of playing around with the Iceworks power bank and was soon too see the iPhone charger is placed in the right hand bottom corner, to operate, unclip and place into your iPhone it really is that simple! We’ve shown in the image below how easy everything has been done with minimum effort.


Having the wire placed into the power bank is a great idea, but this is where a problem occurs. When charging your smartphone you’ll notice the wire’s very short, meaning when you want to place your phone on top of the Icebank whilst still on charge you’re having to twist the wire. This could therefore cause problems in the future, meaning the wire could start to break.


This power bank has a capacity of 5000mAh however, this doesn’t mean all of the 5000mAh would charge all of your chosen device. Mostly all power banks loose some of the capacity through voltage and heat generation, with all of this being put to the side you’ll be able to fully charge your Android or iOS device with almost 3 full charges.


Just like most other power banks, this has four LEDs which indicate how much charging power is remaining, although there’s only two due to being on charge. These sit inside a blue strip that expands across the width of the power bank however, the strip only lights up when the power bank is charging your device, by doing this it gives a unique look instead of looking dull.


Once the Icework power bank has finally lost all power you’ll need to charge it, by doing this you will find the charging port in the right hand corner placed next to the power button. Simply place the charging cable into the port and the other end into a USB port and your power bank will start charging.

We are very disappointed to point out this power bank takes up to nearly 6 hours to charge before charging your actual device, we are very surprised with this due to only being able to gain three full phone charges from flat, we would expect a lot more.


In the image shown above you can see how easy everything really is, although when we finished charging our power bank the USB cable became very tight to pull out. This might just be our review model, or after using for a period of time it’s likely to loosen itself up.


Main Features

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – Full warranty included with every purchase.
  • Over 150% extra battery life for most phones.
  • Micro USB / Android Cable – Connect to your smartphone in seconds.
  • Apple Certified Cable – MFi Lightning Cable ensures full reliability. No more faulty wires.
  • Super Thin and Portable – Take the Iceworks 5000 with you everywhere.

Final Thought – Compared to other power bank companies, the Iceworks Power Bank is designed thinner than most and has some cool features, especially the built-in cables. However, the wires for charging are a tad too small and this worries us that in the future they could break. Also, with a charging time of 6 hours it’s a bit disappointing due to only having three full charges to our smartphone.

Finishing on a positive note everything you see is sold for £20 on Amazon (at the time of posting), we personally think this is great value and ideal for budget buyers.


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