Home Bargains Launch New Disney Hocus Pocus Wax Melts for Halloween

Home Bargains is known for offering a good discount on gifts throughout the year, although a saving is always appreciated more at Christmas. Just in time for Halloween and Christmas, Home Bargains has launched the new Disney Hocus Pocus wax melts that are a spooky and scented way to decorate your home and create a cosy atmosphere.

This new product is part of the Home Bargains Halloween range, also joins a number of new Disney launches recently, and of course can always be put aside for a gift. which includes other items such as candles, lanterns, lights, and accessories. The Hocus Pocus wax melts book are available for just £2.99 in Home Bargains and are being spotted in their stores nationwide, although this photo was taken in the Margate store.

Hocus Pocus Wax Melts for Halloween at Home Bargains

The Hocus Pocus wax melts are inspired by the movie that many of you would know from the 1990s, which stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Kathy Najimy and Bette Midler as three witch sisters who are resurrected on Halloween night. The film is loved by lots of Disney fans each Halloween and is a classic, some people love to pickup new merchandise in the theme of the movie when available.

The inside of the Hocus Pocus wax melts book states, “Mix your ingredients like a true Sanderson Sister to master your own wax melt potion, use the spell book to cast your own spell to give a boost of youth, love and liveliness”. You then have a Youth, Love and Life potion to create. Inside you’ll find 4 different shapes, we loved the cat and hats.

They’ve received a lot positive reviews from customers on social media, also people are spending the news to their friends and family, saying “This is a bit of you” and “right up your street”. The hype will no doubt leave stock lacking the nearer we get to Halloween. The price is impressing people as well, saying “These are the best wax melts! They are so cheap and smell great. I love Hocus Pocus”.

Home Bargains haven’t commented on whether the wax melts are sourced from those sold by other similar stores, or if they’re made by a completely different supplier. One thing is certain, they’ll bring a lot of fun and fragrance to Disney fans homes this year.