HEINZ Black Garlic Mayo at ALDI for Halloween 2023

Heinz limited-edition flavour of mayonnaise has returned in time for Halloween, 2023, and it’s Scarily Good! We first saw the Black Garlic Mayo last year, so if you missed out before, you may wish to visit your local ALDI store, as this is exactly where we spotted the special flavour in the last week.

It combines Heinz’s popular mayo with a rich and tangy flavour, which is also sweet with a touch of black garlic. You can get the sauce in three spooky options that include skeleton, pumpkin and vampire. We spotted two of the bottles in our local ALDI at Westwood Cross, which was the skeleton and vampire designs, although they are basically just a Halloween-themed font and a character picture on the front.

Black Garlic Mayo

The Scarily Good Black Garlic Mayo is the perfect sauce for this Halloween, especially if you’re planning a party or buffet. Serve with snacks and sandwiches, or if you don’t plan on celebrating this Halloween, just use the sauce for dipping with chips, or as a dressing for burgers and salads. It’s priced at £2.49 for 2023.

We love a good spooktacular creation for Halloween each year and look forward to seeing what other food, drink and snacks are available this year. Heinz has introduced a few flavours of mayonnaise over the years and some are only seasonal as well, you may remember Good Truffle Mayo, Good Caramelised Onion & Garlic Mayo, Seriously Good Chilli & Lime Mayo, and Seriously Good Wasabi Mayo.

Due to this release being a limited release for Halloween, you may want to head to your nearest ALDI store before it sells out.