Hands-on iPhone 6/6s Spigen Slim Armor CS case review

If you have just got yourself a new iPhone 6S and were thinking about the perfect case for the smartphone, then you need to know just what it is you need the case for. One example is for those of you looking for a new iPhone 6S case that is ideal for those of you that like to go out and only want to take their phone, and a debit/credit card and nothing else.

Well, the answer is pretty simple really, as that would have to be the iPhone 6 / 6s Case Slim Armor. This is because this case comes with a compartment at the back so that you can fit two cards in there, meaning it is ideal if you do not wish to carry a wallet or purse.


We have never had a chance to review one of these cases, and so were pleased when Spigen offered to send us one to see what we thought. There are four colour options, those are Mint, Gun Metal, Champagne Gold and Shimmery White – we went for the Gun metal option.


We have seen the design change over the years, with this latest incarnation being the best yet, and looking less like a wallet and more like a case. The first thing that hit us when taking the case out of the packaging was just how bulky it felt, although this has to be expected because of the hidden compartment.


The case is made up of an inner matte TPU material that is able to absorb shocks, which is also in part to its Air Cushion Technology. The outer shell is made from a matte polycarbonate frame, which is meant to help reduce scratches. You would be forgiven for thinking that this case looks a lot like many of the others out there, and you would be rightalthough that is a good thing because most of you would not suspect that secret compartment to the rear the houses those cards.


When we look at the protection aspect of the Spigen Case Slim Armor CS for the iPhone 6 and 6S is does more than enough to keep your handset safe, although the rear does feel a little hollow because it has to keep some space free for two cards to fit in, and to also save enough room to remove them again with ease. The sides and around the front edge is made from that protective material we mentioned early, which also allows you to grip the case easily while using it.


We do have a slight issue with how wider it makes the phone feel, because while it may only be slight, it can be an issue for people with smaller hands to hold it in one hand and try to adjust the volume. It will take a bit of getting used to, and that small drawback is still worth it when you consider the other benefits.


While this case does offer a good amount of protection, the screen is left exposed, and so you need to remember this is not one of those tough cases from the likes of Otterbox. As for the main function of this case, the card slot, it is very easy to access, as it can be done with one hand.


We’ll be taking this away with us on our cruise, this is because there is no need to carry a wallet around, as everything is paid for with just the one card, and that is a cruise card. This means that all we have to carry with us is our iPhone 6 and the cruise card slipped into the rear of this case.


    The main features of this case are as follows:

  • TPU + Polycarbonate = Dual Protection
  • Wallet: Include a card slot to store IDs and credit cards
  • Advanced Shock Absorption Technology: Web Pattern TPU case
  • Slim, lightweight and form-fitted

This case can be bought direct from Spigen for £19.99.


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