GadJet Magic Cable review for your Lightning and Micro USB devices

How annoying is it when you have an iPhone, and also an Android tablet, and have to carry different charging cables with you? We have had this issue for years, and even though Apple upgraded to the smaller, Lightning cable, it is still an issue if you have a device that requires a Micro USB cable.

When we were offered the opportunity to review the GADJET Magic Cable, we were delighted because it is compatible with both Lightning and Micro USB devices, along with the 1.2 metre cable length for convenience.


Ok, so we know that there is not a great deal of detail we can go in to when it comes to reviewing a cable, but we still know this product is something that you will want to have – especially when travelling, as it means this one cable fits a multitude of devices. The other benefit is the length of the cable, as it is longer than the chargers that come with the likes of your iPhone 7 or Galaxy S7.


The first thing that you will notice with this cable is that it’s not made from your usual material, but more so like those high-end HDMI cables to ensure superb quality – something that is very much needed when you transfer and sync your data. The cable itself is 1.2 metres in length, and so offers just a fraction more length than the standard leads, which does give you more options in terms of the distance between the power outlet or computer to your device itself.


We did have an issue at first when trying to charge our iPhone 7, as it did not want to charge. However, we later found out that it is not reversible, and so you need to make certain the side with GADJET should only be used when connecting to Lighting devices, and the reverse connected to Micro USB devices. Once we knew this we never got mixed up again, and for those of you that think this is a gimmick and would stop working after a few goes – it does not because we have been using this for well over a month, and not had one issue.


You will know first hand that there are some third-party chargers out there that are cheaply made, but we are pleased to say that this is not one of them. The ends of the cable are solidly put together with a combination of plastic and aluminium for a robust connection that will not fray or wear too quickly.

There are two colour options and these are red and silver or black and gold. In terms of price, the GadJet Magic Cable has now been reduced to £9.99, and can be purchased direct from GadJet Supply.


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