Edifier Predator e1100MK II speakers given hands-on review

Edifier have certainly thought outside of the box when it comes to their latest Multimedia Speaker offering, the Predator e1100MK II. Instead of going for a bog standard block of a speaker they have modeled the Predator with slick curves and lines more akin to an aerodynamic race helmet as seen worn by Sir Bradley Wiggins.

On opening the box the first thing that was apparent was the secure and robust packaging surrounding the speakers themselves, there was no way they were going to be damaged in transit, the strong cardboard shells gripping the speakers securely.


The speakers are unlike any other units we have seen and Edifier have broken the mold in terms of design, you cannot help noticing the rounded edges and the sleek black and silver color scheme. The matt black design looks great but a noticeable problem is the fact that this color effect picks up and shows off greasy fingerprints like mad. This is obviously a problem noted by Edifier as they include a handy polishing cloth in with the packaging. Also included in the box are the power lead and a 3.5mm audio lead for connecting to your chosen sound source.


We used the speakers with a Mac, Smartphone and also plugged them straight into the TV and each time was rewarded with a clear and precise listening experience. The sound is produced by a 5” downward facing sub in the main subwoofer unit and from a pair of 2” treble speakers from the satellites. Each satellite also includes a 2” passive radiator for enhanced audio output. At the rear of the Sub is a bass control rotator that allows the user to adjust the bass to a level that suits them. On the top of the sub unit is the main controller, an illuminating rotating switch that powers the speakers up and controls the desired volume.


After listening to a variety of media to challenge the set up, from Michael Jackson’s Thriller Album to Led Zeppelin’s IV and Tha Doggfather by Snoop Dogg, we played Unchartered 3 Drakes Deception and a blast of F1 2012 and each time the sound quality was really clear and above expectations. It is possible to over cook the bass and distort the sound quality but a quick adjustment of the bass intensity and you can easily find a level more suitable.


A couple of points are worth mentioning for consideration and these are, the speakers are so far out there in terms of design or moreover shape, that they don’t really match with any existing media devices. The satellites look fine on the desktop, but the large rounded sub would look like a wart on a hogs back sat next to most other box like computer or media equipment, and this is more of a nod towards the boring flat design of most other manufacturers.


The second notable point is that to adjust the sound or bass level, the controllers are on the sub itself and so you find yourself squashed down under the desk reaching around trying to adjust the desired knob. Maybe Edifier should have added the controls to one of the satellites or included a remote control?


At around 80$ for this set up, Edifier have pitched it about right, a respectable sounding and great looking multimedia speaker system for an affordable price. OK, so the bass isn’t going to shake the pictures off the walls or punch you hard in the chest, but as I sit here writing this review listening to the Predator speakers, my ears are ringing with a clear and precise sound, my feet are tingling with the bass generated from the sub on the floor below the desk and the quality is spot on. If you are looking for a unique set of speakers, competitively priced and with a dynamic sound then the Predator e1100 MK II could be just what you are looking for.


Edifier Predator e1100MK II Main Features:

  • Universal 100V-240V power supply
  • All speaker drivers are magnetically shielded
  • Separate bass adjustment control for bass output
  • Master volume and on/off dial located on the top of the subwoofer with blue halo indicator light
  • Auxiliary input port for versatile connectivity to external devices
  • Angled satellites for enhanced sound projection
  • One 2 inch passive radiator in each satellite for enhanced audio output
  • Downward firing 5-inch subwoofer and each satellite has one 2-inch front firing full-range driver

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