dodocool DA55 Hi-Res Earphone for iPhone 7 review, with focus on bass

When Apple decided to do away with the 3.5mm jack plug and opt for the Lightning connection for headphones we know that many of you out there were both angry and shocked, as this meant you would have to go out and purchase a new set of headphones. Ok, so Apple did supply a connector so that you could insert into the Lightning port, and then plug your earphones into that, but this adds another unnecessary connection that could result in the loss of audio quality – and added bulk.

The good news is that there are solutions, such as options for Bluetooth headphones, although there are still those of you out there that prefer a direct connection, as this offers better audio quality, and also the assurance that you can play the music as long as the battery on your handset holds out, and not the battery on the bluetooth headphones. The reason we are explaining this once again is due to the fact that dodocool contacted us offering Product Reviews the opportunity to review their DA55 Hi-Res Earphone for Lightning – or more so to test it out on our iPhone 7, and we gladly obliged.

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On first impression, these Apple MFi Certified Lightning Earphones Hi-Res Headphones with Mic & Remote Control for several iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models feel premium in terms of their weight, and design, although we are drawn to the huge size of the built-in remote.

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The review – We always like to offer images of the packaging and also talk about how well presented the product is, but we cannot do that this time because the box was squashed and battered, and so would not have made a very good picture. However, we do like the fact that it’s made from cardboard, and so easy to recycle.

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You could actually be excused for thinking that this was an actual Apple product because of its blend of white colours that mix perfectly with aluminium on the earbuds, mic, remote and also on the connection that plugs into your Lightning device, and also colour match with current iPhone models – apart form the new black options. A word of warning, because this connection is slightly bulky, and so we did have an issue plugging it in when our iPhone 7 was in certain cases, so just be aware of this. Another issue for some people is that there is no left or right stamped on either bud, and so some of you might try to put them in the wrong way. However, the easiest way to know which is left and right is making sure you have the built-in mic on your right ear.

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We have reviewed so many earphones/headphones over the years, but believe us when we say WOW, as the quality of sound is outstanding. we have always had the volume level over the half way mark, with many headphones having to be almost to the max in order to appreciate the music being listened to. However, this almost blew our ears at this levels, and so needed to adjust the volume to around a quarter while indoors to enjoy the music.

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The main focus of these headphones are clearly with its bass levels, and you can tell that right away, and that’s without pressing the bass boost button. We always like to try a range of songs to get the benefit of how well such products perform, and so it’s important to listen to music from the likes of Bruno Mars, Michael Buble, as well as David Guetta, Queen, and also throw in some Motown. Ok, we know that some of you will laugh at that choice, but it’s a decent range.

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Even though the sound is amazing, we do find that some songs just have far too much bass, and will require you to select the bass reduction in the iOS EQ menu. However, you have to remember that when you are outside you will need that decent amount of bass, as it does help block even more noise – even though these headphones already do such a great job thanks to its sound insulation feature. There are some songs that are made for bass, and when you press the button on the remote the depth of sound changes and in a very good way, it’s like you suddenly become even more engrossed in the music.

To some the design of the earphone speakers look very strange, but they are like that for a reason, as they help to challenge the sound directly to your ears in the best way possible – or so that’s what dodocool say, and they certainly do a great job.

You might think that we are just bigging these earphones up because of them sent to us for review, but you only have to look at our past reviews to see that if we find a fault we point it out. So you will know just how special these are when we say we are using them each and every time we need to listen to music. The other headphones in our possession have now been passed on to family members.

Not everything is perfect though, as the lead does seem to tangle far to easy, and there is no way to adjust the cable that goes from the mic to the ears, and so they just seem to hang too much, which does become annoying when running, as they bounce in your face too much. Having said that, we did get around this by borrowing a clip from another set of headphones.

    Main features:

  • Apple MFi Certified
  • In-Line Remote
  • Sophisticated Design
  • Long-listen Comfort
  • Compact & Portable
  • Strong & Durable
  • Earphone Output: Max. 30 mW + 30 mW ( 32 ohm – 1% THD )

The dodocool DA55 Hi-Res Earphones price is very reasonable, as they can be bought in the UK for £59.99 on Amazon and comes in a section of colours, which are space grey, rose gold, silver and also gold.


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