Digihome 49VNBDLED UHD DLED 4K 49-Inch TV Review

The prices of 4K UHD TVs range vastly, although in 2018 it’s cheaper than ever and the picture quality even for the lowest price 4K Ultra HD Smart TVs is much better than those 5 years ago, which cost 10 times the price.

In this article we take a quick look at the Digihome 49VNBDLED UHD 4K 49-Inch TV and in this review we’ll give you our first impressions, as well as an up close look at its picture quality. Obviously, you won’t see the clarity of UHD 4K in these pictures from non-4K displays and while you can see just how stunning the picture is, in person it’s even better.

WHERE TO BUY: Tesco’s selling this 49-Inch Digihome 49298 UHD 4K TV.

When On A Budget

Digihome might not be as well known, especially when compared to LG and Samsung, but they deliver some of the cheapest prices for TVs right now and in the case of this 49-Inch UHD 4K Smart TV, it’s under £320 on Tesco Direct. Something that would of been impossible a few years ago for a TV with this clarity.

So with the above in-mind, if you’re upgrading from a non-4K TV older than 3 years, then you are likely to be very happy with the picture quality from 4K content like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, and other streams even if this is one of the cheapest UHD TVs around.

What’s In The Box

Above, you can see what comes in the box with this Digihome 4K TV. You’ll find the legs for those not choosing to wall mount, the remote control and batteries, Digihome 49298 TV setup instructions, and all needed screws for legs/wall mounting.

The Digihome 49VNBDLED TV remote control is long and skinny, so it won’t be to everyones taste. You’ll find a few quick access buttons and one of these is a direct link to Netflix, great for those of you that subscribe and plenty of 4K UHD content too!

TV Ports

In terms of all the important TV ports, you’ll find them on the left hand side (facing the TV). There’s 2 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, a CI Slot, Component Inputs, Ethernet Port, Headphone Socket, and a PC Input.

While you will find an Ethernet Port for cable network/internet access, we opted for using the Built-In Wireless, which most TVs feature these days even at this lower price range.

You can see a full rear view of the 49-inch Digihome 49VNBDLED UHD DLED 4K TV below. Nothing that interesting there, although we know a few of our readers like to see every angle.

This Digihome TV isn’t one of the thinnest, but the picture quality and price more than make up for this. If you are happy to pay a couple of hundred pounds more, then you can certainly get thinner, although some of you may prefer to keep that money in your pocket if you won’t notice it once wall mounted.

First Time Installation

When first turning your TV on, you’ll need to go through the first time install process, which is pretty quick and simple. If like us, not using an aerial, then it’s even quicker without the need for scanning TV channels.

The options will include operating mode (Home is what most people will want), language settings, and network setup for access to software updates, on-demand content, apps, and more!

Digihome 49VNBDLED UHD 4K TV Picture

We tested a number of 4K UHD streams from Netflix and YouTube, as well as other HD video content on the Digihome 49VNBDLED TV and it looks great! We wasn’t expecting much for a 49-inch 4K UHD TV under £320, but was left feeling impressed considering the price range.


This isn’t a high end 4K UHD TV, it’s far from it, it’s also not the thinnest TV around, but for picture quality budget 4K TV shoppers are going to love it! The picture is also supported by Dolby Digital audio, delivering powerful sound with crisp and realistic audio.

Main Features of The Digihome 49VNBDLED UHD 4K TV

  • Impressive Ultra HD 4K 2160p display with Dolby Digital audio
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Freeview Play with unlimited access to over 70 entertainment channels
  • Lots of apps including BBC iPlayer, All4, YouTube and Netflix
  • Large 49-inch TV
  • Two HDMI ports
  • Plug USB devices in to one of two USB ports for streaming home videos and photos on the 4K TV
  • Energy Efficiency Class A+

It’s worth noting, Tesco has Free Delivery on all TVs right now and a 4K UHD TV Sale, so you almost certainly will pick up a bargain on the 49-inch Digihome TV or others. Offer ends 13/06/18.


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