Clear iPhone 6 Plus Case-Mate review with bumper

The new iPhone 6 Plus looks amazing in our opinion without a case, although the chances of the screen and back getting damaged are increased. Some Product Reviews readers will also worry about the new camera lens, which sticks out a little, so this is exactly why an iPhone 6 Plus case makes sense to the majority of people.


Today, we wanted to offer our review of the Clear iPhone 6 Plus Case-Mate with bumper from Mobile Fun UK. We have been hands-on with this case almost since the launch of iPhone 6 Plus, so we have some good insight about the good and bad points of purchasing this particular case.


You can see the Case-Mate case in the two parts above, and this photo was taken along side the iPhone 6 Plus. The case didn’t come with dirt, this is thanks to using the case for a couple of weeks and also shows it’s had some good use after taken apart again.


The protective shock-absorbing bumper is fitted first, as you can see in the photo above. This adds extra protection to the case and gives the safety some people want, but without adding too much bulk at the same time. You’ll also get to keep most of the original thinness found with iPhone 6 Plus, although our model hasn’t had any bending problems like others revealed in videos.


In the photo above you can see a close-up with the front of our iPhone 6 Plus with the Clear Case-Mate bumper installed. This reveals the lip from the front, which protects the display nicely if you drop your phone. This is an obvious feature, but one that’s really needed for the added protection for displays.



The protection of a lip can be seen on the back around the camera and flash as well. This helps to protect vital parts of your iPhone 6 Plus, and of course the new raised camera lens.


You can see the lip again and front of the iPhone 6 Plus from a birds eye view in the photo above. This reveals the overall protection offered, and at the same time as keeping the device open without covering the original design too much.

Key reasons to buy the Case-Mate Tough Naked iPhone 6 Plus case – there’s a number of good selling points for this case. These include easy access to all the ports (as expected), a simple but welcomed protective shock-absorbing bumper, and a slim profile that allows the phone to still slide in and out of pockets easy.


The shell is made from a flexible plastic that’s impact-resistant. In a nutshell, if you want a case that features a low price and hardly any bulk, then this is a serious choice that is worth considering. The price on Mobile Fun at the time of writing is £24.99.


We should also note that the case slides easier than most, so while it doesn’t offer the best grip it will slide out of pockets much easier than most cases. This is thanks to a glossy plastic material on the back.


Access to all ports and features can be a problem if you have big fingers. You have to dig-in to silence the phone with the side switch, although it’s worth pointing out a lot of cases are like this when trying to balance side protection with port access.


The iPhone 6 Plus Case-Mate with bumper is fully usable while within the case and the cut-outs are pretty thick for all ports, but this won’t be enough for some people. We love the easy access to charging at the bottom of this iPhone 6 case, which some brands forget to-do and end up with charging issues while in the case.

As with all products, there are downsides. The case can feel a little loose on our iPhone 6 Plus and it’s unclear if they are all like this, so we have to go on our review model.

Bottom-line: This Clear iPhone 6 Plus Case-Mate with bumper won’t be the best case around in this form factor, but for its price and features it’s a good purchase.



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