Carved Grand Teton Inlay iPhone 7 case – hands-on review

Having reviewed Carved cases in the past, we were pleased when the company sent us one of their latest cases to review, even more so was because it’s for the iPhone, which we have in our possession. There is already a huge choice available to order, and we were sent the Carved Grand Teton Inlay iPhone 7 case.


The case I got to review back in December 2014 was the Slim case with NYC skyline on the rear, and so great to see what their Traveller series is like. The first thing we noticed right away was that it was slightly heavier and also has a small amount of extra bulk. This is not a bad thing, as it’s a choice that you, the buyer would have already known about when ordering.


Before we take a closer look at this case, it’s worth pointing out that it’s also available for Samsung and Nexus handsets, and a huge choice of wood designs. We might have picked a different one, such as the Katy Lipscomb Koi Pond Print or even the New Zealand Paua Shell, as they are rather unique.


The hands-on Carved Grand Teton Inlay iPhone 7 case review – To some people the case itself might seem a bit cheap and plasticly, and rigid, but this is for a reason. Carved would be unable to place their wood designs in a case that is flexible, as it just would not offer enough support, and so could cause damage to the wood itself.


We do not see a problem with this, and actually like the plastic case, and those groves around the edges provides you with extra grip when holding the phone. The case was so easy to get on, and the phone fits in snugly to insure it is kept in place well. There are all the main things that you would expect from a case like this, such as cutouts at the bottom, and also around the camera at the rear.


However, it’s the main focus of this case that we know you are more interested in, as it is hand-crafted in the northern Indiana, USA, and is of the Teton Range in a unique natural wood grain and finish. For those of you that do not know, this is part of the Grand Teton Range, and is the highest point at 13,775 feet.


If this case only had the same finish as the sides, then it would be boring and plain, and so adding these wood inlays was a stroke of genius.

There’s not really much else we can tell you, apart from the Carved Grand Teton Traveller Inlay iPhone 7 case price is $39 direct from Carved. Do not worry if you live in the UK, as the delivery charge is just $3.99, which we think is a great bargain. The total price converts to around £34. We would also like to inform you that the Solid case for the iPhone 7 is coming soon.


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