B&M’s Bisto gravy boat set returns, the best thing since sliced bread

B&M’s popular Bisto Gravy Boat Gift Set has returned for another Christmas and is now available in stores across the UK. It’s an exclusive gift set to B&M stores and is perfect for gravy lovers this year, even coming with a tub of Bisto gravy granules.

This is certainly one of those gifts you’ll either get for a gravy lover, or to cause a lot of laughter on Christmas Day, as we are sure this isn’t going to be on many Christmas wish lists this year. The gravy boat is white with the iconic Bisto logo and slogan “Ah! Bisto”.

Bisto Gravy Boat Gift Set

As you can see above, it’s priced reasonably at £6 and has “Exclusive to B&M” on the label, so you’ll need to head in-store to pick one up, although last year they sold pretty quickly. If you love B&M, your local store will be well known to you, but if not, just use the store locator tool on the B&M website.

Feedback on the likes of Facebook has seen thousands of comments, with lots of gift shoppers having a bit of fun with friends and family in the comments. One said, “This is amazing! I love Bisto gravy, it’s the best!” Another said, “My husband needs this so much for Christmas, I’ll love to see his face when opening it. What a cool idea for a gift!”.

Bisto is a popular brand of gravy in the UK, with its history going back to the early 1900s. They’ve become known for a distinct flavour and aroma, which millions of homes have enjoyed over the years.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen festive themed gravy products, you may remember the limited edition KFC gravy scented candle from a previous Christmas, also lots of food and drink scented products make popular gifts each year.

If you are looking for a quirky gift this year, then this is certainly something different and we’re sure it won’t be the last interesting food gift set, which gains in popularity over the festive period.